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I Am Sitting Here At Work Giggling Uncontrollably

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It's a good thing I'm alone in the office.

I have chronicled my recent troubles with my ex-friend and landlord elsewhere on this board, so I see no reason to re-hash the gory details here. I want you all to know that this morning I received a phone call from a very nice gentleman who owns some cat friendly property here in St. Louis. Last year I met one of his tenants, a very nice lady who owns cats (naturally!) and after meeting her she called him up and raved that he HAD to let me rent the apartment across the hall from her.

Well, I didn't go thru with it last year (stupid!!stupid!!stupid!!-long story--not gonna tell it). I contacted him last week but he did not have any immediate openings at that time--my cats and I are poised for a quick getaway. Anyway, now a unit in one of his buildings has opened up and he wanted to know if I was interested. I can move in ASAP, no credit check, no hassle about my three cats, he knows I'm working because he called me up at work, and I am laughing so hard I can hardly type this.

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That is awesome!!!!!!!!


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I'm so happy for you! Your "friend" sounded to me like she was starting to loose it. It will be such a relief to live in a place where you will feel comfortable. Have you seen the place yet or don't you care.
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From what I've seen, my so-called "friend" didn't have much mind left to lose! She's always complaining about finding someone to take care of her, and not wanting to work. Well, here's my rent money walking out the door, babe! Deal with it, and get your lazy butt out there and go back to work like everyone else!

I haven't seen the place yet--and you're right, I don't care! It's supposed to be bigger than the upstairs apartment I saw last year, and there is a second bedroom that I can turn into a studio. I will probably go over and look at it after the people move out at the end of the month, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a done deal. And guess what--the cat lady who recommended me has the apartment above me.

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Congrats, it's great to hear some good news.
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How wonderful!

Cat people are special people!
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THats great!
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Good for you!

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Glad to hear you found a cat friendly place!
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Hi there!

A lot of the landlords I talked to don't mind cats, but they want them declawed, or they say you can only have two. I'm not a cat collector, but if I'm paying my rent I want to decide how many cats to have. I'm still saving money for a house!!
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I haven't read the other threads, but what you've said here is sooooo cool! I waiting until we move to a place that allows cats and then my babies can come home (not like they're having a ball in WY or nothin!).
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That is GREAT NEWS!!! No more disappearing possessions or worries about escaping kitties, or having a lock on the door
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Congrats girl!
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That is so cool!! Congrats!!
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Ruby - how wonderful!!!!! A Kitty Angel was looking out for your all.
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I KNEW you guys would understand!

When I talk to my friends about this, especially about my cats and if they EVER get hurt over here I will be going to jail and whoever is responsible will be in intensive care, they just look at me and go HUH?:homer:

I was so excited last night I only got four hours sleep.

I moved last year, out of a horrible situation at an apartment building in downtown St. Louis. This high-rise ghetto went by the name of Plaza Square Apartments, and we had the whole soap opera: rapes, burglaries, muggings and dope deals in the elevators, not to mention the awesomely stupid people in the leasing office. Did I mention the suspected Al Queda operative who was under surveillance by the FBI?

Moving out of there was like escaping a horror movie--folks were sneaking out unscheduled, and all five twelve story buildings in the complex there was only one elevator working in each building because the elevator company felt sorry for the old and disabled people who lived there! I want this move to be pleasant, and unhurried. I want to make a graceful exit. I also wanna be secretive and cunning, just like a cat! I haven't signed any contracts; my lease is verbal. Yeah, I know I will have to pay her rent for those thirty days, but I can afford it, and the little catdevil on my shoulder is saying that I should pay the rent, not say anything, and then a week before it's time go, "Oh, by the way, I'm moving..."

The catangel on my right shoulder is nodding in total agreement.

She's got to know something's up. I'm walking around with a grin on my face.
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