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I love my new doctor!

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Thus morning I had a doctors appointment because my allergies have been horrible lately. The doctor I saw last time no longer works at campus health so I had to see a new doctor. The new doctor was so much better, the last one suggested I get rid of my cats since they were the problem! But the new was like I understand I have two dogs and I would never want to get rid of them. She was also the first to offer me a nasal steriod to help with all of my congestion. I get so many resperitory infections, usually two a year because I have so much congestion and nasal drainage. She was also very helpful when I told her that I was smoker, usually they say well you need to quit and leave it at that. Instead she handed me pamhplets and a number for the quit smoking hotline, we also talked about different prescriptions I could take to help me quit.
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Its great to find one who is willing to work with you as you are instead of trying to totally change who you are and how you live right off the bat !
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Laura this new Dr. sounds great!

I'm really sad, though. I just found out today that my fantastic Dr. is no longer at the practice that she co-owns with her sister. I have no idea what happened, we saw Dana on Sept. 3 and the letter says "As of Sept. 5" she's no longer a part of the practice. Sucks when you have a great one and something like this happens.
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