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can anyone help me get this cat???

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Two weekends ago, I was in Key West, which is about a 4-hour drive from where I reside. While there, I met a beautiful cat. He is a grey shorthair with large gold eyes, and descendant of the Ernest Hemmingway cats. He has 6-toes on his 2 front paws and his back paws are 'normal'. He took to me immediately, and I to him. What a love-bug he is. I could tell he was an indoor cat and asked the keeper at the bed and breakfast where we stayed what his story was. She said he showed up several weeks prior to that - he had been an indoor cat and was constantly attempting to get inside the rooms to cuddle up on the beds, which wasn't permitted by the management of the B&B. He is neutered and has his shots, thanks to a lovely woman there who takes it upon herself to do this for the free-roaming cats on the island. However, she said he was in need of a home, as he was very obviously NOT an outdoor cat and constantly meowing in a lamenting tone, as if searching for someone. They had asked all around town, but no one would claim him.

I wanted to take him home with me so badly, but a few things prevented me from doing so - first, I had no cat carrier, nor time to appropriate one, or food and extras for the 4-hour ride home. Then there was the trip. I had no idea of whether or not he had previously ridden in a car, but I didn't know if I could take that chance, not having a carrier for him and all. I love this little grey already, even though we spent only a small amount of time together, and he immediately took to following me around. The lady at the B&B was more than happy to have me take him, but I just didn't know how!

If ANY of you have ANY suggestions - please let me know! I know he would love life with me and my other kitties... He is an absolute doll-baby, not to mention that since I was about 12, I have ALWAYS wanted a grey, but it just never worked out that way...

I am open to all suggestions!

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Four hours isn't that far to drive! I'd call ahead to the B&B and ask the lady to hold the cat and then I'd head down to the Keys to pick him up! If you are concerned about how he will do in the car, give him four drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy mixed in with about a tablespoon of canned food, and he will be too mellow to panic. Cats can go for a long time without pottying, so the 4 hours in the car shouldn't be a problem for him.

Bravo to you for wanting to rescue this sweet little guy!
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thank you! i'll have to try that! the lady and i have corresponded back and forth, but no solution yet, so i may just do that - go down there this weekend!
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Jadekitty...please let us know how it goes!!!!
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I would give my eyetooth for a Hemmingway kitty! I visited the Hemmingway House a couple of years ago and thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! Cats everywhere! I took more pictures there! They are the most pampered cats on the face of the earth thanks to a trust Ernest Hemmingway left for their care. Every cat is named after a movie star. I would definitely get everything you need and make the trip back to Key West! I wish I lived closer, I'd take the cat. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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Go get him and good for you!!!
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I agree. It sounds meant to be. Besides he needs to be where he is allowed on a(yours)bed not at some stuffy bed and breakfast.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm waiting to hear back from the lady at the B&B!
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What are you waiting for? Just get a cat carrier, some food and water — and go down there and get him! You'll both be happy! If the bed-and-breakfast person already said you could take him, that's that. If you wait (for what I don't know), he'll be taken by someone else. Go! Go! Now!


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We brought our 9 year old cat to Florida from Oregon. I thought it would be too hard on him, but he road in his carrier and on my lap and never had a problem. He didn't need to go to the bathroom the whole time we were in the car. We stayed at motels in the evening and then he would eat, drink, do his bathroom duties and sleep. He did sleep while we traveled.

I would definitely go get him. He sounds like a super cat.
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I have to wait to pick up "Jack"... He is at the SPCA in Key West and had a slight respiratory infection (the entire kennel had it) and they won't let me adopt him until he is all clear (which is good for me & the kitty I already have!!)...

As soon as they give me the green light, I will go get him! I'll let you guys know what happens!

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Hooray! You're going to get him! That's excellent! I was worried you might lose him. Bear this is mind: Given the nine-lives provision, "Jack" may have actually lived with Hemmingway! Just wait until Michael Palin hears about this!

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I'd offer to road trip for you, but at 4 hours, you're closer to Key West than I am.
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Thank you guys for the encouragement! I'm waiting to hear from the SPCA there to let me know when I can go get Jack. Perhaps this weekend - that would be wonderful, but we shall see. Now, since I haven't introduced a new cat to mine since she was a kitten and I don't know how she will react... Any pointers on how I should do this? I don't want to freak her out too badly (nor him - although he is used to being around a large variety of cats)... Still, she is queen of my castle, so to speak... What should I do to make this as smooth a transition as possible? Also, what's that stuff I should get to keep Jack calm during the ride home? Pet rescue?

Deb25 - thank you for even considering that drive! I appreciate it! It's one of the nicest things a 'stranger' has ever offered to do for me!

Soon, my household will be me, Jack & Jo! Yay!

You guys are the best!

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I just read your post! I am so glad you are going to be able to be getting him!!! Congratulations!!

TO introduce your new one to your current cat, I would put him in a seperate bedroom with a litter box, food and water. Let him get used to his new surroundings. By having his own seperate bedroom, he will feel more secure. We did this for both Scooter and Gizmo and it worked out great! Let them sniff each other under the door. We started letting everyone see Gizmo (and Scooter) the day we brought each of them home, but if they hissed, we took them out of the room. Try it.... it should work! It did for us!
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Oh hoorah hoorah hoorah!!!! What great news!!!! Its always sooooo exciting getting a new kitty!!! Im so glad its worked out well for you and Jack!! Let us know how he goes with your other furbabies!!! and don't forget a photo asap!!!!

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Congratulations... :flower:

I just recently got a kitty and was nervous about introducing her to my 4 year old Cat. The first two days were rough but I let them both run around the house and gave a lot of attention to the older cat. When I went back to work on Monday I locked the kitty up in the bathroom and the older cat ripped the carpet up. It only took 3 days and they play together all the time!!

Good luck with the car ride. I usually let the cats lay in my lap while driving because the crying drives me bonkers. I think that is illegal though!

I hope all goes well, I am really excited for you
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