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Pics of Coco and Vegemite

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I bought a digital camera on eBay and it arrived today. It's second-hand and only 1 Megapixel but I've been having some fun with it. It's kind-of an interim camera until I can save up for a good one. I thought this one would be good to take pics of the coming season's kittens to share here at TCS.

Here's Coco

See how her fur is kind-of funny looking? Is that because the pic is overexposed or because I used the flash when I didn't need to? I'd appreciate help with this.

Here's Vegemite

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it's not the flash making the colors look a bit psychedelic, try it without the flash if you can and then you could lighten the image on Photoshop or Photodraw. At least we can see your furbabies though!
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Thanks for the advice. I wanted to lighten it but it made Coco's fur look worse so I had to leave it.
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Sweet babies!

That's odd it only did that on the first pic. Have you taken more pics of Coco to see if it does that in all of them?
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LOL I tried to but she ran off. You can see it's happening a little bit on vegemite's white chest as well. May just be the low quality of the camera.
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I have no advice on the camera issue - but ISN'T IT FUN?

Your kitties are so cute! I LOVE Vegemite!
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Beautiful beautiful!!

Does that mean we get to see a pic of you? hint hint
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A pic of moi? Whoa! I'm soooo camera-shy it's not funny! But! I will make the effort in the next couple of days to take a pic of myself. Gasp!

Laurie, it is SO fun. I can take a picture of the light and the sink and the bathroom and the cats and the garden and if they're bad, out they go! Such freedom (even if it is a cheap camera LOL)
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What cutie-pies!!!
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Tania my friend, Good to hear you got a camera! If it's not a rude question what happened to your old one? I remember seeing better quality pictures from you before??, Anyway it's good to see your pictures, Your cats are precious!

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Awww! How adorable! I LOVE Vegemite! (your kitty, not the spread - although I've never tried it. ) He is just too darn adorable! I don't think I've seen a picture of him since his ittybitty baby pictures. Maybe I missed some?

And I think you should get a picture of yourself taken - and send it to me for the Members Gallery!
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Remember that digital camera's are very weak in low light situations. It's just the nature of the technology. The first pic looks like too much colour saturation. I think it's combined with the limited pixel count.

See the last pic of Vegemite? It looks like the colour in the cat's face is kind of washed (more like a painting) because there are not enough pixels to fill in the colours. Did you use a flash on that last one too? If you can put on as many lights as you can (or daylight), this will help.

Either way, it's great seeing new pics of your crew. I Vegemite.
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I love it when kitties sit patiently looking up at you and you can pics of it. My Mom gets those of Tailer too. Such cuties!
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Thanks so much for your comments guys (both about the kitties and how to fix the pics). Sam, some of the pics I post are scanned at a nice high resolution from a film camera (probably the ones you see as better quality) and older ones (like the bub in my sig) are taken with a teeny-weeny web cam. These few pics were the first ones I've ever taken with a digital camera so it'll probably take time for me to learn how to do it properly. As a couple of you have said, it might also be the limited pixel count as it was only a 'cheapie' digital camera. I'll give taking some pics during the day a go and see how they turn out.
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Ohh I see Tania!

Good Luck & Look forward to seeing more pics from yah!
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