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We renamed the White Kitty

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Although we loved the idea of the name "Miracle," we both really hated "Mitzi." (Mitziyah means miracle in Hebrew).

We decided to stick with the movie/character theme we've got going (Lazlo is from Where the Buffalo Roam, Sheldon is from the ORIGINAL In-Laws , Tuxedo is from the cartoon Tennessee Tuxedo, and Spooky? Well - she was the exception. She couldn't be anything but Spooky because that's what she is).

Anyway, I know MaeMae was named that for a lot of reasons - Mae West, MA (Mary Anne), and it means 1000, 1000 in chinese (to us, meaning she is worth lots and lots and lots - or - totally precious ). So I know we've already got the Mae West in there, but too bad. Our little white kitty needs to be strong, and now that she feels better, she is a bit precocious - and we have a house full of (mostly) boys, and they all need to love her. So we've decided to rename her Flowerbell. That was Mae West's character in My Little Chickadee. And changing her name won't upset her - she can't hear us use it anyway.

Doc let her come home from the hospital Monday afternoon. Even though she was only here about a day and a half, she remembered the place after a few nervous minutes. And now she is a complete purrbaby! She goes from a slow purr (when falling asleep), to a trilling train-rolling through our home purr while playing, being loved - and a regular purr while eating. The only time she doesn't purr is when she's being sniffed by another cat (when she gets scared. I know some kitties purr when they're nervous or scared, but not this little girl.)

We're taking the intros much more slowly than we usually do. Unlike Mae, who would roll over and be licked and sniffed by these guys, Flowerbell (feels weird to write it, but feels natural to call her that) gets really tense. Shelly was the only one to try and lick her, and she reached out a tentative paw to say "no." He, obviously didn't listen, so we picked her up.

She did explore the living room and cat trees last evening for a little while. Tuxedo was up on the printer up front and just watched. Shelly was looking out the window and glanced over at her once or twice. When she hopped up on the window perch, she played with his tail.

Spooky is afraid of her (of course), but still slept in the bedroom last night as per usual. And Lazlo seems cool and essentially uninterested. We did carry her around and let everyone sniff her butt. She sleeps in the bathroom with her set up at night. We do close the bathroom door the other way (closing off the back (bedroom and bathroom) from the front (living room and kitchen) for a few hours each morning, afternoon and evening so she gets to run around. So the others don't feel locked out of anywhere, and she gets some space. It seems to be working.

Little by little, right?

Oh - she goes Friday to get the stitches out of her eye. But the really great news is her other eye IS working properly. So she has sight out of at least one eye.

(I'll go post some updated pics).
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Flowerbell sounds like such a little doll! I'm glad intros are going so smoothly. It sounds like the others know that this little baby is a little different, and a little special, so they are accepting her more easily.
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Thanks for posting Laurie about this little one. I've been wondering about her.
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Not only will Flowerbell learn from you and your crew, but the lessons the two of you will learn from her will fill a book one day! I am so glad you are keeping her Laurie, she could not be in finer hands!

I have to laugh at her name though, one year I had a passle of baby skunks orphaned, and we named the smallest of them flowerbelle! LOL
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Aww I love the name Flowerbell!

Kahu is so precious to us, and that is why we decided upon Kahurangi which is maori for precious jewel and Kahu is a common nickname.

Deaf kitties are indeed precious!
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I like Flowerbell! Cute name! Sounds like everything is going fairly well.
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Flowerbell-what a great name, and an even better story behind it. Let's home she ends up with the same cojones that Mae West had!
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LOL! She even has a little whisp of black streaked across the back of her head and neck. And MA - thanks for sharing that - I'm sure the name is supposed to have an "e" at the end of it!

Thanks for all the good wishes. No matter what happens, she's pain-free now, she's healthy, and she's not living in a dumpster, sunburnt, sick and afraid.
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I love love love the name!!!

just had to add, mae mae has HUGE cojones, she certainly lives up to her namesake! she keeps all of us on our toes!
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I am sitting here with a BIG smile on my face. Reading about how this baby was rescued form such a horrific life and placed with two of the biggest angels around just makes my heart sing. You made my day!
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Laurie, I looked at her pics and fell in love. Perhaps you could put her on a plane and send her right over to me!

She's an
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Tania, we love her to bits , so I don't think she's going anywhere! If MaeMae hadn't started growing so much and obviously needing more room - she wasn't leaving either. Seems like she's grown even more, and gotten even MORE energy though from the sound of it!

Colby - are you OK? I remember Laz and Shel going through kittenhood - we weren't sure we'd survive. But is she (at least) still a snuggle bun sometimes?
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Laurie I'm glad everything is okay with Flowerbell, Cute name BTW!

Thanks for keeping us posted!
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Flowerbell is an adorable name for a little girl kitty.

Hissy-you are so smart, who ever knew a group of baby skunks was called passle! I learn something new here every day
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I'm so happy to hear the little girl is doing so well. You and your hubby are such angels to take care of all those kitties.
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Awwww I'm so glad you two are keeping her. She's so precious and when I see her all I can think of is an angel. Flowerbell is a lovely name as well. I'm gonna go look for pictures now.
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