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My first experience with ferals

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My boyfriend and I are new kitty lovers. A couple of nights ago, as we were leaving the apartment complex, my boyfriend commented about the cat that is always by the dumpster. I had never noticed him before.

I just switched my kittens' food recently and had a lot of their old brand left over. *Sigh* So, tonight, on the way to pick up dinner. I dumped a couple of cups of it out in front of the dumpster for the cat. I saw the poor little guy, he was over hiding under the bush. I got a good look at him, he's orange and white and looks like he has a pretty serious infection in his eyes. I walked out to the dumpster about an hour after I left the food and saw him and two other cats eating what I had left out.

I feel so sorry for them. They are all grown cats, and all I had to give them is kitten food, but I think that will be better for them than garbage and rodents. I'm going to attempt to catch them to have the vet look at them.
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That would be great if you do that
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Just keep them isolated from your other cats when you do trap them, and use a Hav-A-Heart trap, as they are the most humane. You can usually get one through the local animal shelter on a rental basis.
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I am glad you are willing to help these poor cats. Please click here for a list of resources and ideas on trapping and caring for feral cats.

Good luck!
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Thank you for being their angel!

You can also try calling your vet to see if they have a trap you can rent or borrow. Ours lends the trap for free - because, of course, it means business for them.

You can also search for low-cost spay/neuter services to help prevent these guys or girls from fathering or mothering what will be more homeless kittens. Just click on the link in my signature line.

It is often the case with ferals that they need some medical attention. We just barely saved the life of Flowerbelle, who now lives with us. And we said we'd stop at two.....

Please keep us posted!
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions and comments. One of my vet techs lives in my apartment complex, and we're going to try to trap them using her humane trap one by one. My vet will do an inital office visit free (wonderful, wonderful man!) but I will cover all the meds and further testing that needs to be done. The SPCA has a mobile spay/nueter van so I could get them done for $15/male and $20/female.

I'm wondering what I will do with them after I catch them and get them treated. I live in the middle of Orlando, right around the corner from the major tourist attractions. We have two major highways that run next to the apartment complex, and right now, it appears the cats are taking shelter in the wooded "pet walk" area. It just seems so dangerous!!! I guess I will start calling the no kill shelters around here and see if they have room for three or more cats.
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