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Hi kitty lovers - some advice please

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Hi ever1 - My name's Kat & my kitty's is Stinky. Hes about 5-6 months. My hubby & i found him in a garbage dumpsite last 2 weeks ago Tues. We've been giving him quarter cup of Eukanuba kitten food in the am & an eighth in the pm but he is still seemingly really hungry. THe bag says only to feed him a quarter cup all day but the vet ok'd an increase. He begs for food like a dog. Any1 ever have this problem?
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At first I thought you looked at the bag wrong, but then I realized that I looked at it wrong. Oops. The bag says a cat weighing 2 pounds at five to six months would only eat a quarter of a cup a day. I have a kitten in that age range that's 2 lbs and she eats at least a third of a cup of Eukanuba a day along with 3 oz of Nutro canned food. I don't know....I guess I'm overfeeding her...but she also "asks" for additional food.
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I'd also add that when I first got her, she was eating a lot more than what she is now....I had taken her into the vet right after adopting her, but they missed the fact that she had severe tapeworms. It might be worth looking into just to make sure she doesn't have them.
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I would check to see if the cat has worms by taking a fecal into your vet and asking them to check for parasites. That would be the first thing. The second thing is a never-ending appetite is pretty common for strays. They will eat everything in front of them and then some, because it is a survival instinct that they cannot automatically stop. You can help ease this instinct by providing food at the same time, in the same place, with the same bowl every day.Once the cat knows there is a routine in place, he will relax a bit and not eat quite so much, but it will take time, but first check for worms.
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Hello Kat-

Like Hissy I would say that Stinky has worms if he continues to eat non stop- Worm pills/paste is the simple way of getting rid of nasty worms, Also have you taken him to the vet?? It might be something more serious.

I'm not really sure how else to help, haven't been in this situation before.

Keep up posted.
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Thanks for all the advice & tips. I checked out the vet bill and he had a worming & fecal exam - but, today, he left a decent amount of food and went back to it 2-3 times i before ultimately clearing the plate an hour before dinner - i juat want to make sure i'm not depriving the little gut of anything he might need vitally for growth...what can i say? i'm a new mother :-)
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I am just posting to say BLESS YOU for taking in a stray!
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maybe you accidentally took in a fluffy piglet

just joking... i'm sure he'll be fine after a worming and a while... he's probably just no used to having so much food...
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