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The Evolution of Kittens

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Fern's babies are growing up. The first time I rolled a ball at them, half of them jumped up in fright, hissed and ran away. Today, I am hard pressed to keep them in toys. They are actively rolling around the carpet, pieces of rolled tin foil, small balls, empty spools of threads. They love to climb on the whale bones and they stick their heads out of the holes like jack-in-the-boxes. Champagne appears to still be the most alpha of the group. He is now being fed seperately, because he gobbles his food then pushes his brothers and sisters away and eats theirs. Our front room looks like "Kittyland" with empty cardboard boxes, rubber snakes, small toys, litter boxes (yes they are all litter box trained now) and cat bowls. At night, they go upstairs to sleep, but by morning, they are all piled at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the door to open so they can be released into the main part of the house. They are such beauties and have their mother's temperment. When Mike comes home from work they crawl all over him trying to figure out just who he is and why he is in THEIR territory! :tounge2:
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Hissy, they sound so cute...never a dull moment at your place 'eh?

I got your e-mail, but was camping over the week-end and didnt get it until late last night.

If a weekday visit is okay with you, will see if Scott feels like a drive He's anxious to see them too, although he wont outrightly admit it. He keeps asking me if there are any new pics of them here.:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
He has 2 boys of his own, but I can tell he has "kitten fever".

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I am here almost every day, and if you call first, I will be sure and be here. I sent you my phone number so like I said, just give me a call.
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They grow up too fast!!!!! I hope Cleo is able to give one, or even two!!, of them a GREAT HOME!!! Isn't it FUN to have a house full of "Curious Little Ones"???

One of my favorite things is how they eat and eat until their little tummies look like they swallowed a tennis ball and their bellies almost drag the ground. . . . . :laughing2
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Awwwwww Hissy! I hope Fergie gets a good home...since I can't have her!
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