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Those are great news Shell!
Now, hurry and get all better Mandy, your mummy needs to worry about one less thin!
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So glad to hear Mandy's doing better.

My dog had pancreatitis some years ago (is that the same as pancreatis? If not, sorry for wasting your time with this...). I mention it because my vet told us to avoid feeding him any fatty foods or it could aggrevate it - my dogs now get baby carrots as their treats. I'm not a vet, but it might be something to ask about if your vet didn't say anything like that.

Anyhow, on a positive note, my dog recovered completely and has been happy and healthy for years. Here's hoping the same for Mandy!
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Thanks Suzy! I'm not familiar with Pancreatitis (that's how it's spelled on the sheet he gave us anyway). He did tell us not to feed her any table scraps...what so ever. She's so dang spoiled...she thinks she must have a bit of what we're eating. Tonight she begged & begged for food...but we stood our ground.

I'm glad to hear that your pup made a full recovery...I too hope that Mandy does the same!

Thanks again everyone! She seems like her old self again tonight. She did vomit a tiny bit, but it was right after she ate her new food..she doesn't like it much. But she's gonna have to like it...that's Doctors orders!
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I'm so glad she's home!

Worms can be really hard on a dog. As for the pancreatitis, make sure that anyone who visits your home knows not to give her treats or people food. Also, if you have a backyard with a chain-link fence and suspect that neighbors might be giving her treats, let them know about her diet, too. It's REALLY important that she not get any more fatty people food, and she sounds like a real cutie , who would tempt anyone with a soft heart to give her yummies!
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I'm just reading this. My heart was pounding as I read the posts and then I arrived to the happy ending *whew*

Glad Mandy is home!!!!!

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So glad she is doing better!!! Sending scritches to her!
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What a great relief. We need more happy endings!

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Thanks everyone! She's such a love bug since she's been home! Lots of loves & kisses from her! Looks like the board magic worked again!

As for her on a chain, she's an inside dog only. She has a cable that we put on her when she has to potty, but once she's done she comes right back inside. We've told all of our family & friends to not give her any treats or anything from their plates. Her begging for our food is killing us...it's like we're neglecting her but we know it's for her own good. She just so darn pathetic about it though!

Thanks again everyone! Many hugs to you all!
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i am so very very glad that everything is well with Mandy now!!!!
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