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Oh Shelley!! I pray Mandy will be okay!

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Oh, I hope Mandy will be okay. I'm glad your mom called the vet at home... a 7:30am apppointment is better than having to wait to call into the office in the morning to get an appointment. I'll be keeping little Mandy in my thoughts.
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Any news Shell???
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Well, I don't have any news yet. Mom apparently took her to the Vet this morning...they haven't come back home yet. So honestly, I don't know what is going on. I'm sure if it's bad news, Mom would let me know ASAP.

Thanks for asking and thanks for all the good vibes. I'll fill you guys in when I hear the details.
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Sending healing prayers for Mandy
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Shell, I hope she's OK!!! Sending healing vibes to Mandy from NJ!!!!!
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Shell, How's the doggie this morning? Any news?
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Shell, I too hope she is OK. I'm saying a prayer for her right now. Please let us know, how she is doing.
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Any word on Mandy yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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I am so sorry that I just read this!!!! Is there any news about Mandy??? I am sending up prayers for her!!!
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Guys...It doesn't look good at all. The Vet is keeping her over night to watch her, but they are thinking she's got cancer or liver failure. They said that it would cost us over $5000 to get her in good health again & honestly, thats much more than we can afford. It's so heartwrenching! The vet said she hasn't ate anything to do or has she pooped.

Mom's very upset...Mandy's her baby. We've all discussed that we don't want her in pain and we'll wait to hear from the vet tomorrow before making any decisions.

It's just a real sad day here at the Endorf household...we already miss her like crazy. I can't imagine what it'll be like if she doesn't come back home. I've gotta go...before I start crying again. I hate to upset Mom again....
Thanks everyone!
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Oh Shell, I am so so so sorry. My heart goes out to you..

Mega hugs going your way.
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Shell, that's horrible. I'm keeping you and Mandy in my prayers.
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I'm so very sorry.
I hope they are wrong about Mandy's diagnosis.

Prayers going out to you, your mom & Mandy.

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shell prayers and hugs.cry all you want to and then come backmhere where you are loved and understood.
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Shell, I'm sorry the news about Mandy is so bad. I'm sending more positive vibes to Mandy and her human family.
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Thanks guys. I'm just so sad right now...

Good news though...she was frisky & alert today. The vet did a rectal exam & didn't find any blood. But they are doing some tests & we'll go from there. The Vet did say that he didn't think we'd have to put her down at this time, but it may come to that in the future.

Please guys...keep praying for her!
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Oh, I'm so sorry that Mandy's prognosis isn't good. (((((SHELL)))))
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I'm glad she's frisky and alert again, those are good signs, right? I hope she continues to get better. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for her.
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Oh Shell! Frisky & Alert- I hope she improves, Many prayers to a lovely lady and her family and (((MANDY)))

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oh i really hope mandy's gonna be ok... i'll be praying for her tonight...
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Oh Shell I just now got a chance to get on here. I pray that Mandy will be okay. It is a good sign that she is feeling fresky.

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sending prayers for Mandy
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Shell, any updates? I have been worried for you.
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No news on her yet today. Mom picks her up after work at 3, so we'll find out then.

Thanks Guys!
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Awwww....Shell I'm so sorry about your dog.

The waiting for medical tests and the unknown are so horrible to deal with. Try to remain positive!
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Awwww! The wait is the worst part!

Mandy,Mandy,Mandy! You can pull through this girl!

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Oh Shell, I hope she is going to be OK.
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Just an update on Mandy.
SHE'S HOME!! It looks a lot better than what we had expected!

Here's her discharge instructions & etc:
Diagnosis: Suspected pancreatis & intestinal parasites
Diagnostics: Chemistry revealed elevated liver enzymes consistent with pancreatitis or early liver failure
Fecal floatation revealed prescence of worms

Therapy: Kept for observation
No vomiting noticed in last 24 hours
Hills Prescription diet i/d food was fed while Mandy was in the hospital

Home care: Continue i/d food
Start Monday on one Vitamin E capsule 400 iu once a day after she has started to eat regularly

So, it looks pretty good for her. She's pretty active & very happy to be home.

Thanks everyone for you good vibes & thoughts! I really appreciate it! Looks like Hissy was right again...those blasted worms!
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Oh Shell! That's excellent news!

*does the happy dance* whooohooo Mandy's home

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