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A friend of mine has a white Persian with 2 different colored eyes. One is yellow & one is green.

Is this normal for Persians?

Would this indicate that there is something wrong with the cat? i.e. illness?
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Your friends persian is known as an "odd-eyed white persian". This is perfectly normal and acceptable in show circles. The only time your friend should be concerned about the cats health is if there is any puss or leakage, the pupils are of unequal size, the eyes shake spontaneously, or if the cat has impaired vision etc.
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Thanks. I did notice that her Persian had dried tears under her eyes that she(the owner) cleaned. From what I have heard & read this is normal for a Persian.

Do all Persians tear?
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It is normal for persians to tear and almost every persian does. The degree of tearing can vary from cat to cat, but as long as its clear and shows no sign of inflamation or infection - the cat is absolutely normal.
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Maggpie is correct- Your friends kitty is an Odd Eyed White Persian and it's normal for the cat to get staining around the eyes.

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