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I'm moving and I dont want to lose my baby!

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Hi everybody,
I'm new here, but I was told this was the place to come for good and friendly advice. I live on my own and I have two cats, both are around 2 years old. I'm still in school and the past two years have been a struggle trying to balance school and work. My roommate is moving away, so now I have the option to move back home, which I would like to do. The problem with this is that my dad doesnt like cats. He has a cat of his own, but he isnt that attached to it. He says that if his cat died or ran away he'd be sad and happy at the same time. So needless to say he doesnt want my two cats running around the house.
I talked him into thinking about letting me bring one cat with me. As for my other cat, my boyfriend is going to ask his family if they can take her until I move out on my own again.
It really hurts me to have to live without one of my cats, but I dont see any other solution. If this doesnt work out then I guess I'll be living on my own for a while longer because I cannot give up my cats altogether.
So that is my situation. This is what is really worrying me:
If my one cat (Sprite) stays with my boyfriend's family, will she forget about me? I dont spend much time there, but if she was there I would obviously spend as much time there as I can, however I still have a job and go to school and I'd have my other cat (Dodie) to still take care of at my dad's, so I cant be there all the time. I would stil feed her and take care of her while I'm there visiting, but I'm worried that she will get attached to his family and forget that I'm her mom! Will it be too hard for her to adjust when I take her back?

Another thing I'm wondering about...I've been reading about these "soft paws" things..is there a place to buy them in Canada or do I have to order them off the internet?

Any help will be appreciated!
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This sounds like a difficult situation. I think if it were me, I would not want to bring any of my babies into a house that doesnt like cats. Is there a way you could move back home (in the area) into maybe a cheap studio or something? So that you could keep both cats? Or even continue to live in your current residence and just get a new roommate?
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I personally would never move anywhere (including my parents house) that I could not take my cat. The first thing I ask any place I'm thinking of moving is do you allow cats. If the answer is no I say thankyou, but I have a cat. I understand that sometimes financially it is difficult to live on your own. I live by myself, work full time 7 go to school part time. If it were me I would find a place no matter how small that we could all be together. It's a temporary situation so even if you may not like the idea of living in a place that may not be up to the standards your looking for you know it's not permenant. Ultimatly no one can make the decision for you. As far as separting the cats, at this point I think that would be very hard on them. I am a volenteer at a local shelter & when cats come in as pairs we make sure they go out together. You can't explain to your cats what's going on so the cat who was separated from you & the other cat would be mourning doubly for you & it's compainon cat. I don't say this to make you feel worse about a bad situation, but just to let you know how hard it may be on your kitties. I'm sure I've been of no help, but keep your head up & keep searching for alternitives I'm sure the right answer for all of you is out there.
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hi. I just moved back to the states from overseas and had to leave two of my cats behind with a roomate. I know how hard it is and I plan on getting the 2 of them when i cvan later. in the mantime, i would try hardest to keep your two cats together even if you can't keep them with you. maybe they both can go to your boyfriends place. i always tell people who are weary of that, that 2 cats are better than pne. they tend to keep each other occupied and spend less time messing stuff up. (some non-cat people think that more cats mean more problems). anyway, do that, then try and save up to ge a place where you can all be together again. good luck.
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Soft Paws, or Soft Claws, are sold by PetsMart, and must be available in Canada, because I saw some kittens for adoption at my local PetsMart wearing them. Pink for girls, blue for boys. And boy did they look silly!
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