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Poor little Scooter.

He is the sweetest feral I've ever cared for. Although he was obviously wild, when he first showed up at my house it took only about a week for him to feel safe with me. Within two weeks he would melt into my arms purring up a storm. I knew I would be able to find a home for him because he was soooo wonderful. I got him neutered and vaccinated and all was fine.

Then Nathan showed up. For those of you who don't remember Nathan, click here to read all about how aggressive he was when he first showed up.

Anyway, within a month after being neutered, Nathan calmed down considerably. He gets along with just about everyone - except Scooter. I rarely see Scooter any more. When I do see him, he looks awful. He still wants to be petted, but I can't go to him without Nathan following me. (Nathan follows me everywhere and even sat with me while I chatted with a neighbor and her greyhound!) When Scooter sees Nathan, he gets upset and when Nathan sees Scooter he puffs up and gets in attack mode.

I desperately want to bring Scooter back into the fold and to get him socialized and adopted into a good home, but Nathan just won't let that happen. grrrrr.....

Anyway, I am just venting. I love Nathan. He is such a character. But I sure hate the way he is with little Scooter.

BTW, Scooter looks like a munchkin cat. He has a small body with the shortest legs I have ever seen on a cat!
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I'm assuming, Renae, if there were any way to bring him inside you would? I mean - to "foster" until you can find a home for him?

I don't know if this is something you can consider or not. I don't know Scooter's story or how old he is, etc. Our ferals were younger when we did this. But because we have a small home, we found a cat only boarding facility. As she wasn't full (it being Spring, not summer), we discussed our plan. The ferals were friendly with us outside - but needed to learn how to live inside. So we boarded them, and paid the lady who ran the facility some extra money to spend time with them during the day. Playing, cuddling, whatever they could do or work up to. She brought a radio down first to play soft music - then graduated to a TV. She worked with each of them for at least an hour a day. They were scared at first, of course, but the longest anyone was there was a month before they were actually really social, playing, etc. The oldest that went through this process was Tuxedo, and he was a year old then. We'd intended to adopt him out... but he developed a UTI, got very, very, sick - and had apparently bonded with Gary. So after surviving the hospital stay, Doc said - he goes home with you or he won't do well. So he was our fourth.

I don't know if this is an option you can consider, but if it hadn't occurred to you, at least it was worth writing.

I'm so sorry Renae! I wish I had better advice.

(((((Hugs))))) to you, and scritches to Scooter - if possible.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement.

If I lived alone (i.e. no husband) I would take in Scooter with no hesitation. But, with six other cats in the house, my husband has had enough. Also, one of our males becomes very upset when he smells new cats and then sprays all over the house. It took such a long time to break him of spraying that I hesitate to bring in another cat.

I will come up with a solution somehow. Too bad hubby isn't out of the country for a semester like he was last year! I would have Scooter socialized and re-homed in no time if I were alone. I can't believe I just wrote that!
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