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My cat Wesson is a twin. I took them in so they had a place to live. They are quite the pair. Wesson is a fatcat. He is the sweetest cat with an exceptionally friendly nature. He likes to lay under my chair on his back so I rub his belly. And believe me its a big belly. He weighs about 21 lbs. He is 2. His brother Smitty is also a very sweet cat but of normal size. How can I control Wessons wait. I have the three cats. Bartholemew the goofy bengal is also mine.
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This actually belongs in Health and Nutrition so I moved it for you. Your best bet to find the proper diet for you cat is through your veterinarian. He can look at your cat and determine if the cat is overweight and put your cat on a proper diet for slowly taking off the weight. You do not want to put your cat on a crash diet, as that could have severe health consequences for the cat.
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