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If you want to save your overtime

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Go here:

Overtime Petition
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I signed!!!!!!!!!
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I don't understand this effort to change who can earn overtime. Can anyone give me the government's rationale for wanting to change the rules? This whole thing confuses me.
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Renae, I haven't read up on it, but the only thing I can figure is that it would greatly benefit the companies. More work for less expense. Theoretically, and knowing that the unemployment rate is HUGE, this could allow businesses to employ more people. So the people with jobs suffer, but it would open up positions for others. (????)

Of course, I'm just pulling this out of thin air. I don't understand it, but that's the kind of logic they have been using so far.
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Thanks for posting that, MA! I signed.

If you live in the USA and care about this issue, please contact your representatives and senators about it as well.
This page is a quick & easy way to find your elected representatives in the USA:

Without the cost disincentive of overtime pay, employers can force workers to pull extended shifts and work longer and longer hours, without having the extra payroll expense. This is more likely to cause cuts in jobs - why hire more people (and pay more health insurance, workers comp premiums & unemployment insurance) when you can get more work from the ones you already have without paying overtime?

Also, anyone who is aware of the skyrocketing numbers of people suffering from Cumulative Trauma Disorders (a.k.a. Repetetive Strain Injury) might note that these numbers will only go higher - the likelihood of suffering CTD increases dramatically when the body is not allowed adequate time to recuperate from the daily assault of repetetive motion. How will increasing the numbers of disabled Americans help our economy?

And this policy is coming from an administration that claims to be "pro-family"?????
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Saw on the news yesterday that the Senate turned it down!
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I signed, and sent a copy to my mom and aunt, who I know will sign and pass it along!
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