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I no longer have a job. Details later.
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I'm sorry, Tammie. That really stinks!

Hopefully another better job will come very soon.
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Oh no
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Oh Tammie, I am so sorry
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I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope there will be an even better job waiting for you just over the horizon.
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I'm so sorry to hear that.
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Oh Tammie, I'm so sorry! (((HUGS)))
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Now that really bites!

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Tamme, I am very sorry to hear that.
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Oh Tammie...I'm so sorry! I do hope that you're able to find a new job soon!
Many hugs to you Dear!
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So sorry to hear that, Tammie.
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Thank you so much everyone. I appreciate all the support and good thoughts. I'll be ok, I'm just still in kind of a shock. Today was such an emotional day. Everyone was crying (and especially me). It seemed like every time I got a handle on my emotions someone else would come in my office and it would start all over again. There were almost 20 of us that were laid off.

The company has offered each of us that was laid off a severance package. And the CEO went a step further for me because he knew I don't have a car right now. He is renting me a car for one month or until my car is settled, so I can look for work etc.

I will miss everyone I worked with so much. Three managers from Cell Biology, cDNA cloning and Protein Purification all came up to me and said they didn't know what they were going to do without me. That was nice to hear. Those people have been like my family and we were all so close.
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I'm so sorry Hon! It is awfully nice of the CEO to provide you a car. It's just too bad that 20 people got laid's going to be hard to find 20 jobs in your field. Good luck! Chin's gotta get better!
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i'm so sorry tamme... i'm sure there's something better out there for u... u just need to look harder for it...
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Tammie, again I'm so sorry. Sounds like you will definitely get a good reference. Sending more HUGS!!!
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Oh Tamme Dear- I know we don't always agree with things but I'm so sorry you lost your job! I'm hoping & praying you find a new one!

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Oh Tammie I have just now been able to really read the threads. Hon I am so sorry that you lost your job. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you find a job real soon.

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I'm so sorry this happened. Many people right now are out of work or on the verge of layoffs. My boyfriend is upper management and his company has cut close to a third of its workforce. So we hold our breath everytime a new layoff session is announced.

The best thing to do right now, is register with as many headhunters and/or employment agencies that directly deal with the areas that you specialize in. It's not the end of the world to lose a job, it could easily be a new beginning.

Chin up!
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Oh no, I am so sorry, but you'll see - things happen for a reason, they always do.

But make sure you ask for good letters of reference - they re always an asset when looking for a new job!!!
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Helen, that's a great idea!

Tammie, I hope your next job is even better than this last one, and that you find it quickly. I'm glad your CEO is providing a car!

sending prayers for a good job
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I'm so sorry for you. Stay strong. Something grand is on the horizon!
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OMG , I just read this thread . How awfull for you to lose your job . I am so sorry . That was nice to give you a rental car . I pray for you that you will get a job soon and were you can stay and love the job .
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