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You will never belive this!

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This goes to show you just how lazy a cat can be. My kitties are all inside only except for the times we all go outside for play.Well today I was watching tv and noticed my two cats Iddy and Bitty staring at the top of the blindes, normaly I would pay noi attention thinking it was a flie or moth something like that, but they did not give up. I took some pictures and whent to go see what it was. It was a mouse(hate um!)it was sitting on top of the vallance!!how long had it been there who knows.
Now I have five cats and you would think on of them would have caught it a long time ago right But no not my kitties. They just sit there and stare. So I knoked it down and again they just stared ALL OF THEM! Finally I had to catch it and give it to them, they just batted it around and of course I felt bad watching it so I put it outside. I cant belive they are so lazy! Here is Iddy and Bitty looking at it.
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LOL! I had a cat stare down a mouse that she had cornered for over an hour. She had no clue what she was supposed to do with it, but that mouse was sure fascinating to watch!

One of my other babies, who had lived with their feral mom long enough to know what mice were for, eventually discovered the situation and put an end to it.

They're not lazy, they were just never taught that something like this could actually be food!
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noodles that's a neat story and has definitly put a smile to my face! Gorgeous picture as well!!!

LOL M.O.M about your kitty!

Thanks for sharing!
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That is a great picture and story, but I think my question is, how on earth did the mouse get up there?
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LOL that's funny, I'm not sure what my kitties would do if they saw mouse. I love that picture!
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What a great story and pic!

Luv those Paws, mice can climb up vertical things as long as there is something to grip their little paws 'n' claws on . . .like window coverings!
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That is too funny. I have never seen a mouse in any house I've ever lived in I am not quite sure what Zoey would do. One of my landlords kids wanted to let her pet mouse loose in my house to see what Zoey would do but I wasnt sure that was such a good idea
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how did the mouse get up there? Sicy, I think Zoey would have eaten or bitten the petmouse
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