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I'm Going Away for 4 Days - Help

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I'm sure there are threads on this subject and will look shortly. My babies are spoiled rotten and love me very much. This will be the first time I've spent more than 24 hours away from them and I'm already feeling guilty. What is the best for them? Bella is 3 months and Boo is 13 months. Should I take them with me, should I have someone stop in twice a day, should I have multiple people come to the house? Chances are slim that someone can stay at my house. Are they better off in their own safe environment? Should I take them to a kitty hotel? Thanks for any help you may provide.
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When I go away my friend Robyn comes in twice a day to be with Max. She feeds him, makes sure he has fresh water, scoop his litter box every other day and give him cuddles.

I think it is always best to keep them in the environment they know.
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I am a strong believer that cats are WAY better off in their own environment. Cats can do fine by themselves for one day. Any longer than that and I would have a friend or family member come once or twice a day to feed them, clean the litter box out and give them fresh water. And play with them for a little bit.

It can be very stressful and traumatic to move them into a boarding facility or take them with you.
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The best for your cats is to keep them home at your place where they feel comfi . I think if you have someone come to your place once or twice a day is great . Don't place them in a kittie hotel , that will stress them totaly out and who knows what they may pick up from there . The best would be to have one person come in your home you can trust . Also make sure that person like cats and want to play a little every day with them for a while , so it will be fun for them to see this person and get to trust him/her . That what I would do , good luck
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i agree a cat should be left in an enviroment they are comfortable in, especially if youre going to be gone. i plan to go to hk next year for 3 weeks and i'm gonna have to get my bf to go there at least every 2nd day to clean the litter box and check on them (i'm going to free feed them from a biscuit feeder)
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