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goofy behavior

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My cat is a bengal, third generation and he has one silly habit. He is constantly howling and drives me crazy. He pulls clothes off hangers and out of the laundry. Towels off towel bars and drags them thru the house. He kneads these things and howls. It is constant and I have to hide everything. What is his problem? Thanks for your help if possible. `
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Carol is he neutered?

Does he have enough cat entertainment? Perches by windows, tall cat posts? Interaction with you?
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LOL! I'm sorry but the mental image of that is so cute and funny. I'm not sure if that's a Bengal trait or what. Does he get enough play time and attention?
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Thanks for your input. He is neutered I bought him from a Louisiana breeder 8 years ago. He was sent via air at 6 weeks old. He is a biter and loves to play. Maybe I dont pay enough attention to him, but Im gonna try to play with him more. He is also so Very, Very Vocal. At times I can not shut him up. He vocalizes everything. If I talk to him he is vocal, when he walks sometimes he is vocal. If he finds something to drag in the middle of the night he pulls it around and howls. Yikes. Sometimes sleep is rare.
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First I was laughing , it sounds funny to me
But I understand the problem you have with him . Some cat like to talk and he sure sounds like a talker . So talk to him and if you only tell him : I am going to the bathroom now , I am sure he will answer you and tell you go ahead . Playing sounds good to me for him , he may be bored sometimes . For the night , maybe you can give him his own blanket or towel to trag around so he don't use your towels .But really , he sounds fun to me
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Do you yell at him when he is being very vocal? When I first got Max, he was very vocal and it drove me nuts and I would yell at him and his meows got louder and more plaintive. I schooled my voice to coo at him (very sweetly) "What's my baby crying about?" "Come here my baby." I found that his meowing got less and less. It seemed to me that when Max did that plaintive meowing it was to get my attention, because when I would coo to him, he would come running to me for cuddles. Now he only meows when I walk in the door (greeting) or when he wants something to eat.
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I have a Bengal also.
I think they are just different. Mine is also very vocal, he can meow as he eats, as he is falling asleep(which is rare) he is the most active cat I have ever owned. I know what you mean when you say sleep is rare(lol) sometimes I just put my cat in the spare room with his toys so I can have some peace.
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Thanks for all your input. Bartholemew is quite a character. You can see the expression in his face when he disapproves of what im doing. Aside from vocalizing he will jump at me from behind and bump me to get attention. I am going to try the cooing with him. He does respond to talking to him. He is quite a fun cat and likes to fetch a balled up piece of paper. He will do this back and forth for quite a while. All I have to do it throw it and he will return it until I get pooped.
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Oh my, the jump from behind..yes I am familiar with that also.
Life with Bengals, we should write a book(lol).
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nighteyes , you cat meow when he eats . I almost spill my coffe when I read that . That is too funny . Hmmmmm maybe I need a Bengal to have more fun in my life
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LOL, yes he does. I guess its rather like a person talking with a mouth full of food(lol)

I would recommend a Bengal for anyone who wants at least a daily dose of mirth.
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I just came home and lo and behold, Bartholemew was in my closet again. He pulled a sweater and my bathrobe off the hangers. Dragged the bathrobe into the living room. This is one tough little cat. He is only about 13 lbs. but he never gives up. I bet it takes him quite a while to actually take these things off the hangers. I have to admit, he is interesting to say the least. I am trying to talk more to him. Hopefully this will work and maybe shut him up a little.
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a bathrobe ? My goodness , he is something els . I really think I need a Bengal I would have something to laugh every day .
I think he is just bored when he is alone and thats why he is doing all those things .
still laughing over the bathrobe .
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