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Bobcat mix

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I have a domestic/bobcat mix.....Anyone else?

I have had my cat for 13 years and have never found anyone in Alberta that has one....I know there was only 3 cats in this litter and all quite different.

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Hi and welcome!

I believe a member or two has a mix.. Can't recall who though!
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Hi welcome along to tcs!

If you have any questions about the site just pm me and ill be happy to help!
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Hi, and welcome!


Yes, I had a bobcat mix years ago. Her name was Tigger and such a bi-polar personality! It was as though part of her wanted to be sweet, but the other part needed to be wild.


She was a brown tabby with a white chest, four white feet and a little white muzzle. The first time I took her to the vet, he looked at me and asked what is it? LOL


I told him a bobcat mix. Not convinced, he asked if he could do a test, and I said yes. It came back showing that she had bobcat cells. He did some kind of a blood test.


Tigger was a trip, to be sure. I couldn't allow young children around her because she would be in their laps one second, and up in their face the next. I have scars on my arms from that behavior. She would be asleep in my lap, and if I moved, she would come up all claws.


Life was on her terms, at all times. She was okay with the other cats, never tried to harm them. The stories I could tell about her would fill a book.


I rescued her off my in-law's farm when we were there for a visit. They lived in Idaho, we in California. It was winter time, deep snow. One night, Tigger came to our bedroom window, crying. I quietly opened the window, removed the screen, and lifted her into our room...and into our bed. I put her out early that next morning before my in-laws got up to milk the cows.


We were there for two weeks, and every night, I would sneak Tigger into our room...well, 'thought' I was sneaking her anyway!


The morning we had to leave, I picked Tigger up, snuggled her, tried not to cry, and put her back down in the snow, knowing I would never see her again.


'Mom' called me into the house, for what reason, I no longer remember. I was inside with her for several minutes, then she walked me out to our car, where my husband and daughter waited.


After we had gone about a mile, I felt something fuzzy on my shoulder. When I turned to see what it daughter was in the back seat and was holding Tigger on my shoulder!!!!! I started crying, and looked at my husband, who was grinning from ear to ear. He told me that Mom knew I had been sneaking Tigger in at night. It was a week before Christmas, and there was a note fixed to Tigger's collar. The note simply said, 'Merry Christmas, Daughter, Love, Mom.'



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