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I was disappointed also in Lil's whining...but am glad she's back and hope she straightens around. It was interesting to see Savage on a show this am say that he *did* tell Lil she was going, and that she knew, though now she is saying she didn't.

I am sad to see that it looks as if Rupert will get axed either next week or soon if he doesn't win immunity. I remain convinced he's a neat soul, issues and all.

I need to see another one or two shows before I can decide who I think will actually win. Jon better get bounced soon or he will be slithering his way into the final 4...ugh!
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Hmm why are they keeping Jon around? Gee what if they would have chosen 16 energetic, hard working pleasant individuals for this game and put them on the island together where they worked together fluidly as a team? I guess the ratings would drop way down.......
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Ok with Rupert out of the game now, the game is more of an even playing field now. I could clearly see that Sandra was shocked the alliance had been busted. I do hope Rupert gets medical attention though, he fell pretty hard off that platform. I also wonder what devastating news Jon gets next week? Interesting how a game with somewhat shallow players can suck you into the drama every week. Right now, I hope Burton at least makes it to the final four.
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I just wanted to reach through that screen and tell Rupert how sorry I am he has such issues. I still think he's a fascinating person, one i wish had higher self-esteem, and I hope it's a true rumor that he's in the all-star version of survivor - he wasn't available for the usual tv interview the day after he was voted out.

Except for Sandra, I don't care for anyone else left, I could wish Burton well except for his total dishonesty, which just doesn't ever sit well with me.

ah well...it makes for a nice distraction from much more serious things
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I'm horribly disapointed that Rupert is gone- he should have won. He was the epitome of a "survivor". I guess in the end thats what did him in.

If Jon wins this- I will go through the roof, I cannot stand im- he seems like an unbelievably cocky and downright meanspirited person. Same with Lill- what on earth kind of scouts has she helped produce??? She can't even fish!! And the whining and self pity- PUHLEEZE.

I guess out of the remaining people my vote is for Christa. she has proven her worth and her ability to do well in challenges.
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Ok even I didn't think Jon would sink as low as he did tonight with the faked death of granny! I did notice he never said directly that she died, just that she wasn't here. What a creep!
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I so don't like how Jon is playing this game. I hope the others eventually realize what he did...before the end of the game!
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Jon is a horrible person. I cant stand him. I hope he gets it good when everyone finds out what he did.
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I must say I was stunned by what Jon did. I guess I find it hard to believe, in my naivety, that a person could be that horrible. I swear , if he wins this I'll go through the roof!!!
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Jon's eyes always tell how creepy he is! His eyes are always squinty and shifting. I can't stand Jon, but that's what makes this whole game interesting. If everyone was super sweet and super nice towards one another, Survivor wouldn't have an audience.

I think they made a big mistake by not voting off Burton last night. I think that was their only chance.
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Burton is probably going to win the game. I think he deserves it thus far- but I really like Christa. She probably won't last long since the food incident. Can you believe Sandra let her take the heat for that??
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Sandra is a slug and a troublemaker-But like Kass said if they were actually good people, no one would watch the show, it would be to predictable-
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A slug !! Good, and ineteresting description
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Originally posted by hissy
Sandra is a slug and a troublemaker-But like Kass said if they were actually good people, no one would watch the show, it would be to predictable-
My goodness folks, I don't consider being on the show to mean someone isn't a good person! I've seen some good and decent folks on this show (remember Roger from Survivor Australia and Elizabeth? for just two examples).

Off to keep cookin'
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I don't like Sandra either. Those girls made a big mistake trusting Jon and not voting off Burton. I wanted Rupert to win, so now I don't much care, but I sure don't want Jon to win after what he pulled last night! I actually missed that part, but heard about it later. Could someone tell me briefly what exactly happened? Did he tell them his friend/brother or whoever that guy was had told him she had died or what exactly was the deal? I was cooking supper and only got in on the last part.
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It was diabolical. He had this all set up with the guy ahead of time, and he said, hey dude, how's grandma. And the guy said, oh, she died. So he started crying. And then Jeff asked what's wrong, and he said, I thought that my grandmother might be here, but she's not around. And then, the rest of them let him win the challenge to spend 24 hours with his "loved one" because they felt sorry for him.

We found out later that it was a complete set up, when they were on their way back to camp, and laughing about it.
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Thanks for filling me in! I did overhear him saying his grandma was fine and at home watching Jerry Springer. What an awful stunt to pull!!! I don't care how much money is at stake, that little stunt did nothing to help further his position in the game, it was only selfish manipulation to be able to spend time with his loved one when the others had as much need to spend it with theirs. And even if it had of been for some reason to further his position in the tribe I still think it is wrong. Some things are worth more than money and saying your grandma died to gain sympathy is pretty low. I think he's the kind of guy that no woman could ever trust because he would be lying and cheating the whole time. What a jerk.
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I did not read the posts after your last ep. since we are a few days behind. We will see the latest ep on monday.
I just wanted to say that I was disapointed that they woted Rubert out. At times I thougth he was to sure of him self in that game, and even scary (like when he was very mad that someone voted for him), but he has been bringin everyone food, working alot, beeing honest...
So, even thougth he somethimes scary, he is such a likeable guy (reminds me of Hagred from Harry Potter , a big nice guy, that takes care of those he loves...)

I just hope Jon doesn´t get far! I really do not like him.
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OH my! I just finished waching the latest episode!
What a creap that Jon is! I dislike him even more now than I did, if that is possible!
I liked T, but sadly she is now out of the game. When will they see what a monster Jon is?????
From the one that are left, I think Crista is the only one I like. I dont dislike the other girl, (can´t remember her name at the moment), but she has been kind of invisible, but I would not want to see any of the others win.
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Well well, this weeks' episode should be a good one. I'm rooting for Burton.. mostly because we have a survivor pool going at work to raise money for our ball team to go to Newfoundland next fall.. and I have Burton.. so go burton.. go burton go!

I couldn't believe Sandra.. Jeez louise.. some people.. but i guess how far would YOU go for the grand prize???
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I tried watching this but i just can't get into them for some
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If weasal Jon wins Survivor I will never watch another one! I realize he is playing the game like a pro, but you should have at least an association with ethics. I want Christa to win. The women have got to get together and get rid of the guys. That is the only way they can beat Burton and Jon. I can't believe that Sandra and Christa trusted Jon again!
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It is Christa's own fault for trusting Weasel boy. He really irritates me. I hope Darrah wins. She is the least irritating of the bunch. I just shake my head everytime weasel Jon opens his mouth. He is so persuasive. Looking at it from the outside it so obvious, but I guess in the situation they just can't see his overtly devious (evil) side.
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Yea, and you gotta keep in mind that they (cbs) probably make everyone's character look totally different than who they are.. except for jon though. that lying ***hole! Ugh. that makes me soooo mad! How could you lie about your nanny like that? big meanie. I love Burton!!! only because of the reason mentioned above tho ;-P

I wouldn't mind if Darrah wins either. My boyfriend has her on the survivor pool.. so if he wins i'll at least get a nice dinner out of it

I was so mad at SANDRA last nite. UGH way to screw up the competition. I bet Burton was just fumin'. he looked it anyway!

I think her or Jon is going to go next week. i hope! I can't believe there's only like 2 weeks left of the show
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I wish I could send them a message in a bottle about the only real snake on that island! And for him to win the reward challenge! UGH! What did he say to Lil to get her so upset that she went to bed early? Anyone know?
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well I'm definitely in the minority, I can't stand Darrah, she's lazy and thinks way too well of herself, Burton I would except he's lying left and right, Christa I would have been happy with, Lil needs to re-examine living her values, and despite what everyone else thinks, I think Sandra has some positive qualities, not to mention coming from just up the highway from me <G>.

ah well...just so long as JON doesn't win!
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For some reason I'm thinking the final 2 will be Burton and Lil because they were the 2 that were returned. Just a gut feeling I have. Sometimes I feel this show is rigged, but I'm still hooked.
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Originally posted by hissy
I wish I could send them a message in a bottle about the only real snake on that island! And for him to win the reward challenge! UGH! What did he say to Lil to get her so upset that she went to bed early? Anyone know?
Basically he told her he thought she had a big mouth and that she whispers to different groups of people.

I can't stand him!!!!! I can't stand any of them really except for Darrah. I hope she wins!!!!
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I can't believe tonight is the 2nd last episode! it's kinda a bummer for me cuz it allows me & my friends to get together weekly and pig out on nachoes, fondue, etc And with that.. i can't believe it's the last season of friends!!! *sniffle*

I think tonights' episode is gonna be a good one. Let's send some ((vibes)) to get that crazy idiot Jon off Pearl Islands!!!!!!!!
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