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I'm looking forward to this one, the last one I didnt watch. I have a band booster meeting tonite, hopefully I will be back in time or wont miss much. I saw Jeff Probst on The Wayne Brady show this morning, Wayne had him in a blonde wig and red lipstick singing I will Survive. It was either that or eat something strange and he chose to sing. It was pretty funny. This season seems like it will be harder than the past ones, according to what Jeff said this morning.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Ok this sucks cuz I'm sure most people are on the east coast and get to see it before me so I have to make sure to stay out of this thread until I finish watching it
I heard they are gonna start the show here next monday, so like the the last time, we are only 4 days behind you guys.
So, I´m gonna have to stay out of this thread from thursdays to mondays....
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Ok- I found that very cool last night. I am glad Nicole is gone. I really dislike Osten and Tijuana voice just grates on my nerves. Rupert is hilarious. I love how he started "pirating" right away. The drake team is lucky they had Sandra in the village with them - they got so much more stuff then the Morgan tribe. They got all of the contents of that BBQ - that was perfect!

What does everyone else think?
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The Drake team was soooo much smarter with their purchases! They even got that fishing spear, so they will be eating good! So far, Rupert is my fave.
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I love the fact Rupert was willing to wear the skirt. It would have been so uncomfortable in those jeans. I can just picture him as a mentor for troubled teens - I think he would really connect with them!

What was with all of the nudity?
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Love Rupert!!! I want him to win- hes such the pirate!!
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I like Rupert also.

Was very glad to see Nicole go!!. We were all picking who we thought would be the first one off. I was hoping it would be Nicole, did not care for her from the beginning.

Oh those bug bites, I would not last a day.

If they had a Starbucks on the island, I might think about it(lol)
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I thought the nudity was a bit out there. If you are losing your pants then tie the damn things up. They didn't even think about how what they did made their team lose focus and rhythmn. Just three macho guys trying to get 15 minutes of fame. I thought it funny that after the sacrifice they lost the game.

The crab situation had Mike and I laughing. The fact that they didn't even realize that crabs are most active at night hunting, and then they put their shelter against a shale cliff? LOL I wonder what they would have thought had it rained that first night?

Looks like if they don't lose their spear gun or shoot someone in the foot, they are at least going to have fish for dinner. Did you happen to notice the look Rupert got from ? (sorry can't get their names straight yet) but the dude who went out and got the first tiny fish, and brought it back to feed 8 people? The look made me crack up- definite competition vibes coming off of that one!

I have to say, I was afraid that Survivor was getting old, but the way they made the players depart the boat was definitely an eye opener.
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I was going to watch the news after it because somehow the winner of the show has gotten out, and CBS is in a panic over it ... did any other city report it, too?

Is anyone going to watch the new JOe Millionaire? Are they going to be doing the same exact concept, or is it something different?
I like to watch Temptation Island and the Amazing Race.
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I like Rupert
Glad to see Nicole get booted... trying to be sneaky so early in the game. I was laughing about the crabs too

I think the Drake team is entirely the smarter of the two teams lol.. this will definately be interesting.
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psst I like Rupert also! I always advocate against reality shows, but there wasn't anything on, but I was good and only watched about five minutes tee heee! Yeah whats up wit da nudity!? Come on people!

I DISLIKE temptation island, the whole concept makes me wanna puke on it! ARrrgh!! I can't believe they actually cry when they see their lovers making out with the tempting women or men?! What's up wit dat? I mean, come on, gorgeous hunks and gorgeous women, what did ya expect?! For crying out loud!!

Okay I'm not watching anymore 'reality' shows!
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I used to always watch Temptation Island, but in my bid to kick the reality TV habit I am cutting out shows that are based on a premiss I dislike. Eg Tempation Island - being unfaithful, Joe Millionaire - based on a lie, etc.
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Anyone even watching Joe Schmoo? We made it about 5 minutes into that one before turning it off!
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Nope - that is a show based on a lie as well. I really am trying to control this addiction!
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Poor skinny Ryan - that Osten should be gone - he is a whiney loser!

I think Drake is doing so well due to all of the food that Rupert is getting for them - he is priceless. I ahve to say he is my fav player so far. He seems to be thriving in this environment. If Drake keeps eating and sleeping, Morgan tribe will be destroyed.

What did you think of the challenges? I like the reward challenge except for the fact the have to win 3 to get the complete map. I can't believe Morgan was winning the Immunity challenge and Drake came back to beat them!
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is such a complainer!!! his body is shutting down OH PLEASE!!
what did he think, he would never get cold?? OHH those kind of people drive me nuts.

Rupert is the best, he is having a great time.. I mean if you go so far as to get on the show, why not have an experience you can remember. I think he was born to be a pirate(lol)
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Rupert seems to have a great attitude about the whole thing. I can really picture him as a mentor for troubled teens!
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Yes he is so full of life.
Osten is the other end of the spectrum, negative and a worrier.

Will be interesting to see when the tribes merge.
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Love the fact they can raid the other camp if they win reward!
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Finding that spearhead again was lucky! I am glad Rupert found it. I am also glad the sponsers buried the treasure in the water and not on the island. I can just visualize how much damage those idiotic people would do to that beautiful island in their quest for treasure buried on land!
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Rupert found it because he did a nice logical grid pattern. That other guy (don't know his name) was actually dragging the spear on the floor of the ocean - of course you will lose it!

Hissy - I think it is buried on the island - thay have started digging in different places already in case they can find it without the extra maps.
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Osten is such a baby I say get rid of him.

Rupert is cool. I think he will go far in this game.

I feel really sorry for the Morgan tribe.. they so suck
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I hate all reality shows- Fear Factor, Survivors etc etc and I never watch them but after reading this thread , every post, Rupert sounds like a winner! I want him to win! I'll keep coming in here and reading but again I refuse to watch it.

I like comedy shows like Who's Line Is It Anyway.
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I wish they would have booted Osten, he is the biggest hypochondriac and a total baby! You'd think someone with all that brawn and muscle would be able to go a bit longer without their body "breaking down"! I say if someone ask to go, get rid of them, they don't deserve to move any further along in the game!
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Survivor night! Hurray!

I think that Drake is going to keep winning things and that Morgan is going to be on the block again. Osten is too much of a negative influence!
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can't wait to see tonight's show ! wonder how the Morgan tribe will fair tonight, think they'll finally get organized & unified ?
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If you haven't seen the latest episode, don't read....

Very interesting episode-I think I'm hooked! I was happy about Osten's turnaround, and really hoped that his tribe would win the Immunity challenge. But Osten vs. Rupert...There was no way anyone could beat Rupert in the challenge, since it came down to body mass and not strength. And I think they made a big mistake voting off Lill-sure, she lost the hook but having a scout master/mother may be very helpful in the future.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Survivor night! Hurray!

I think that Drake is going to keep winning things and that Morgan is going to be on the block again. Osten is too much of a negative influence!
Can I call it or what!

I also think Morgan made a mistake sending Lil home - Dara does nothing. I think that this is the best Survivor since the 1st season. I have loved all of the challenges so far. I do think that Drake does need to get rid of bratty John - he is just too irritating. Can't wait for next week.
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What a show!! The boat challenge was awesome! Rupert is an amazing competitor, I loved how he was trying to sink the boat by pushing down on the corner- very smart.

I was glad to see Lill go- I found her a bit irritating. For a Scout Master , she didn't seem all that 'at home' in the wilderness Not as adept at things as I thought she'd be- she didn't know how to fish, or tie a proper knot?? Not that Dara should be there either- but she'll probably be next to go.
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My god I feel so sorry for the Morgan tribe
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