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Survivor - Pearl Islands

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Yes - it is that time of year again when the next new installment of Survivor rolls out. Anybody else going to be watching it. It premiers for 90 minutes on September 18th. Here is the link to the survivors. Survivors

I am going to check out their bios and see if I can pick a winner.
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Ok - I like Rupert From Drake Tribe and Ryan O from Morgan Tribe. I like Ryan because he has a 20 year old cat. I think Lill - the scoutmaster may be too perky and irritate me.
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Omg already??? Yes.. thanks so much for posting.. I never miss a Survivor episode
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Yebb, I won´t miss it! I don´t know when they will start it here though, hopefully soon. With last Survivor, we were less than a week behind the US. (Yours were on thursdays, ours on mondays, the next week).
I´m gonna take a look at that link, and see the people.
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The bios aren't as detailed as the last round. On the last one they had everything from fav food to bad habits.
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I'll be watching!! I don't even want to venture a guess on who might win.... I'm sure whomever I pick based solely on their online bio will drive me nuts during the first episode!
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Wow there's one guy in San Fran and one guy in Los Gatos.. both near me!! I dont know them though
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Now I know fall is here for sure(lol) I wonder what twist they will have in this game.

Big Brother is almost over, oh how did I get so hooked on these reality shows.
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Nope, I will not be watching it. I hardly turn my T.V. on as it is. I watch it for News, 20/20, Dateline, Simpsons, CSI and Law and Order. Reality shows do nothing for me, as they are hardly reality.
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I agree Sylent!!! Especially Temptation Island!! Yeck!!! I don't watch news either since they are usually biased, definitely a form of psychic vampire IMO I watch CSI (any fans?) and lately that OC which is kinda cute...
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I love CSI! Oooh baby is Grissom hot. *giggle*

Sometimes, I don't even watch News and those Newstories, because they get hurtful to watch sometimes.

I didn't even watch O/C. I thought it looked stupid myself. I'm just into those types of shows.
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Alright, Survivor haters, get out!

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Haha! Okay... *slinks out of the thread*
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1 more sleep until Survivor!

From what I understand they are being dropped at separate islands with just the cloths on their backs!
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LOL Sicy, I don't hate survivor. I did meet Christy Smith from Survivor:Amazon and she was really nice.
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I can't wait.
And the premier is 90 minutes. My little Granddaughter loves to watch it with me. She(being five) loves the competition games.
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I here that there will be more nudity on the islands (probably because they don't have a change of clothes.
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Originally posted by adymarie
1 more sleep until Survivor!

From what I understand they are being dropped at separate islands with just the cloths on their backs!
Yep. My fiancee told me that Jeff Probst is going to have a party for them.. and when the party is over, without them knowing he says "ok lets go!" and some guys are wearing armani suits etc... This is going to be insane I cant WAIT!!!!!!!!!
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only 32 hours and 8 minutes until showtime!
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are we hooked or what?

and the countdown begins...
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I am actually doing better then I was with my reality TV addiction. I used to watch everyone. Now here are the ones I will not watch: Cupid, Joe Schmoo, Joe Millionaire, The apprentice (just because I don't like Donald Trump), Tempation Island, plus a wqhole bunch of others. The ones I am hooked on are Canadian/American Idol, Bacholor/ette, Mole, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, and I hate to admit it Paradise Hotel.
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I watch

Temptation Island
Paradise Hotel
Joe Millionaire
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I'm a reality tv junkie. It's a good thing I don't have cable -- I hear there are sooooo many reality tv shows out there! So, I just watch the major network shows like Survivor (my fave), Paradise Hotel (my current guilty pleasure fave), Big Brother (really hate it, but I watch it all the time) and all the dating ones: Cupid, Joe Millionaire, etc. Oh yeah, I like the Mole and Amazing Race too!!

We need a TV smilie.
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I think the mortician has a chance....think about it...the pyschology of her job...
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I'm a closet Survivor addict and I need help according to Rob. But then I tell him that Adymarie is worse than me and if Ady doesn't need help, then I don't either!

The only other 'reality' show that I watch is Amazing Race. Beyond these two shows my TV is hardly on.
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Nope - hubby is trying to make me get help - but I like my addiction and I am managing it better then before - I can now say no to some reality TV.

11 hours and 20 min to show time.
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Ok this sucks cuz I'm sure most people are on the east coast and get to see it before me so I have to make sure to stay out of this thread until I finish watching it
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Ten hours !!!!
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7 hrs 50 min. For me anyway!
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