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Tuesday's DT

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Since yesterdays worked so well I thought I would start another. Went home last night had some dinner and went to play a little lacrosse. I am finally getting better at it - I didn't get hit by the ball once! Hey those of you in San Jose, Anehiem and Phoenix - you will be getting professional lacrosse teams this year - teams that have moved from the northern states. Too bad my Toronto Rock or going to kick their butts this year. I also believe that Colorado's team will be in your division. If you get a chance go see a game. It is great fun (better then hockey since hockey is based on it) and relatively cheap to get tickets.

I am going to find out how I did on my training test. We are meeting soon. We had 3 hours to do 5 case studies. 1 hour in the said only do 4, then at the 2 hour make they cut it down to 3 as they where so detailed! I hope I passed.

I have to go to the dollar stor tonight and pick up few things for my new desk. It is kind of barren right now. Then again - it should be piled with files soon enough.

What is everyone up to today?
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Good morning!

Today I've got a stack of paperwork at work that's going to take me a while to get through. I'll probably ignore it.

Spawn has been so SWEET since her visit to the vet yesterday. I think she's trying to kiss up so I won't take her back to the vet, because she's never this nice! I kinda' like her better when she's being evil - I don't have to guess if she's got some sort of alterior motive!

Ady, I hope you get good news on your tests!
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I found out I passed, but they haven't gone thru it yet with us. Just got my 1st files to adjudicate. I will start "real" work after lunch. Finally I'll make use of some of this training!

I also know that when Merlin is sweet it is because he is planning something evil - I would check all of your shoes for a while before you put them on. Spawn may have left a "present" to thank you for the vet visit.
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all morning!
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Uh oh Jellybelly, are you okay?

Ady, congrats on passing!

Ahh, I know all about that ulterior motive - I go through that with my boys

Went to the gym, worked out. I feel great, did something called the BodyPUMP challenge, whoooooo! I am so pooped already!

Got some books to read, including one that looks really interesting "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers" - the librarian told me she wants to read it as well

Have a spifflicating day ya'll!
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LOL!!! Thanks Kiwi for your 'concern'!! LOL!!! Yeah I'm fine, just had a bit of mexican food lastnight!

and making noodles for my son.
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Can I come over for a coffee? I think I will go and make meself an espresso!

Ahh mexican. I LOVE mexican food! I had some last night as well!
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I've been trying to make it through work today, without a whole lot of success. I don't know if it's that I've worn myself out and my body's telling me to take a break, or if I'm actually coming down with something. But I've felt all day. And to top it off, I have a meeting that I absolutely have to go to this evening, so I can't even just go home and fall into bed! AND my supervisor is getting carpet installed today at her house, so I have to wait until she gets back before I can even think about going home. I have zero motivation to actually work, and even less of an attention span.

I hate days like this.....
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I have been working most of the morning, I work from home.

Now I am waiting for the gardner to come and plant a tree, and then I have errands to run, and maybe later I can sit(lol)
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Kellye, I read that book, last month. It IS interesting, telling about how human bodies can continue to help the living.

Today was quiet at work. I had one jerk call. While he was rambling on, I hit the "mute" button and cussed him out, royally. Thank goodness, he's making his last payment and noone will have to deal with him again.

Bill is grilling burgers, tonight.
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