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agressive older cat

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I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and moved with my cats out of state..My problem is my 11 yr old cat she has never really liked anyone but myself and my son...Now we are trying to merge 2 households and she is very hissy when my boyfriend or his son are anywhere within site she hisses,growls and actually tries to bite there feet..I do not know what to do about her she has always been like this and she is healthy, I do not want to put her to sleep but she is disrupting the whole house and it is actually starting to affect my relationship with boyfriend and his son..Someone please help.......
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Can you get Feliway plug in where you are ? You also can get it over the internet . It may help her to stay calm .
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thanks i will look for it any other help is appreciated
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Take a look at this thread which offers a lot of ways to deal with this problem.
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You might also try having your boyfriend and his son be the only ones who feed the cat. Eventually the cat will come to see them as good people rather than as dangerous. Also have the boyfriend and son play with the cat with toys on strings, feather wands, or Cat Dancers. This was they can interact without getting too close. The main idea is that you want the cat to associate these two guys with happy things (food and toys) rahter than scary things.

Also, if the guys speak loudly or walk heavily, this may be what the cat is frightened of. Have them speak and walk softly around her until she becomes more comfortable with their presence.

How old is the son? Is it possible that he (or your boyfriend) have been mean to her?
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i am not sure but I do not believe my boyfriend would harm my cat he has yelled at when it freaks out and hissy and practically sounds like someone is murdering it and it just freaks out like I said I have been commuting to my boyfriend who lives 8 hrs away and his son and him have had little contact with my cat(katie)could the son be mistreating it not sure usually he is not alone with it and I am sure that he probably agitates it when I am not looking ,I hope it is just a matter of time,in fact my birthday was yesterday and my boyfriend got a special cat bowl and placemat just to show me how dedicated he is to this working out...plus a tennis bracelet for me, the cat is in a new home since sept 5th although she has always reacted crazy to my company I am hoping that now she will see then ever day she will adjust..I am looking in to a prozac or something like that to calm her down..Thanks for you advice..
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the son is 15 yrs old
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