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My cat is a genius

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So today I'm sleeping, minding my business. The phone rings and wakes me up which is an all too common occurrence. After four rings the answering machine picks up and all I hear is.. MEOW.... MEOW MEOW.. MEOWWWW.. MEOW MEOW!

So I'm like.. what in the world? I hear the people on the other line going.. Hello? Hello? What the hell?

Apparently what happened was my cat found himself locked in my room while I was at work Sunday and 'accidentally' stepped on the record button for the answering machine and left the evidence that his owners were treating him poorly on the answering machine.

He's a genius because now the telemarketers don't know what to do with themselves! At first I was going to re-record a message, but I've decided to leave it.

This is the cat in question - fondly called Rolling Kitty since all he's ever done is roll around on the floor.

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That is so funny!! What an ingenious way to get rid of those telemarketers! Would just love to know what they're thinking when they hear it....
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Haha. That's just too cute. I would have kept it too.
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Ohmygosh, that is too funny!
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My my what a genius u have at home!!
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oh my gosh! thats great! that is hilarious.
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OMG that's so funny! thanks for sharing!

- We used to have for our answer service, Hello?? Hello?? Hello? and then the tone..lol , peoples messages were so interesting!
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LMAO that is hilarious! I would keep it too!!!!
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What a great idea. Everyone who knows you will appreciate it and those that don't won't bother you.
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That's perfect! Especially since any important callers would know to go ahead and leave a message anyhow.
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That is so cute! I love it when cats "talk".
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That is so funny I just about lost my soda on the keyboard!
Glad you kept it on the machine!
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What a clever cat!
I have had cat meow on my answering machine for guite some time, and I sometimes get quite funny messages. Some meow back, some bark, some politely ask the cat to give me the message, and some panic, and think there is a baby crying
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Oh my god I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read this

You have to pm me your phone number... I GOTTA HEAR THIS!! LOL
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I love it! Now I want to get Harry & Maggie on my answering machine! [Angela's new weekend project]
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