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Bottle kittens: no bowel movements after several days

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I got 5 bottle kittens on Friday. They are roughly 2-3 weeks old. They have been eating great, and pee a lot, they are very well hydrated. They have adorable little wrestling matches and are all big and fat, except the runt who is half his siblings size. The runt eats just as well as his siblings so I am not worried about him. The only problem I have with them is they won't poop. I have tried and tried to get them to go, belly massages, warm running water, wash clothes you name it and I have tried. I did finally get one of them to go tonight and it was a nice formed poop, not hard or anything pretty normal looking. We are about to go on 5 days for the rest of the kittens to not have gone. When should I start to worry or should I hold out and see if this one going will be the start of the rest going. I'm not new to bottle feeding but this is the first time I have had kittens go this long without any bowl movements.
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We had at least once here on this forum a case of very long not going on. The forumite did contacted her vet, the vet wasnt too worried. In the end, the poop come /or the vet did helped, I dont remember 100% sure at this moment.  The point is, even several days wasnt harmful, and the consulted vet not too worried.  Although the normal rule of thumb is they shall do every day.


Here with you, we know it is not someone of them is sick or got an internal stop, as same is with all 5 of them. Also, the one who did pooped, had an entirely normal poop, like you tell us.

Chances are heavy the others have normal poops them too.

So I think and hope.


Although, if you want to play it safe, do contact your vet and talk it over..  She has surely something to hasten the procedure if necessary..


Good luck!

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My litter of 5 bottle babies I got at one week old had the same issue. It took 4 full days for me to finally get two of them to have bowel movements, the other three took about 6 days total! I was so worried, but just kept massaging their bellies and running their bums under water while stimulating them, eventually I got it out. A little hard at first, but after that you could tell they were feeling much, much better! Hope they go for you soon!!!

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I got one more to go, she let out a lot so I am sure she feels much better. I have not seen poop from the first one again yet. The poor little runt keeps straining but nothing happens for him. frown.gif
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