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Back button won't work

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I have problems when I am on this site with my back button not working.  I run Windows 7 if that makes a difference and Internet Explorer.

Anyone with any ideas.  This problem is bugging me as it makes me have to go up and hit the forum button to get back where I want to be.

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Which back button is not working?
The one in IE?
The back button on your mouse?
Or are you using backspace?

I usually just recommend not using Internet Exploder. :P
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I am talking about the one at the top of my screen that is for the browser.

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Is it not working after you submit a comment or thread?
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Originally Posted by Minka View Post

Is it not working after you submit a comment or thread?



I am during Firefox now because of the Internet Explorer virus warning jcat posted earlier this week.  It is working better and most of the time it will work now.  But if I open up a link within a thread, finish reading it, and click the back button it won't work.  In Internet Exp. I would click on the close button at the top right and it would ask if I wanted to close all windows or the current one.  Now if I do that I am closing out the Cat Site and have to start over, sign in, etc.

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Firefox works a bit differently. Click on the orange "Firefox" at the top left and choose "Options" in the drop-down menu.

Click "Tabs" at the top (second from the left) of the pop-up. Is the top box, "Open new windows in a new tab instead" checked? If not, check it and click "OK".

Now, when you click on a link, a new tab will open with the link's content. When you're finished reading it, you can simply close it by clicking the little "x", and you should be back on the page (tab) you were before clicking the link.
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Tricia, I followed your instructions.  All five of these things are checked.  The other two that are listed say


When I open link in new tab, switch to it immediately

Show tab previews in windows task bar.


Those two are not checked.

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When you click a link, I am assuming it opens in a new tab. When you are done, you don't want to hit the big red X in the top right corner; that closes Firefox. You want to close the Tab you are on, and hit the tiny x there.
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Thanks.  I think this is what I need to know.  Another question.  Sometimes when I am typing out a reply I get the red underlining for spell check.  How do I do that in Firefox.

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FOllow these instructions and make sure it's turned on
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I just use the spell checker button at the top of the reply pane.  It is the one with ABC and a checkmark in it.

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Thanks, I see it now.

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