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Nicknames for your cats

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We all go through so much to pick the perfect names for our pets...soon after most of us start to develop little nicknames for them that stick! I was wondering what cute nicknames your kitties have now..

Mya.. she gets...Mama, Mini or Cutie-Patootie
Emerson.. he gets... Monkey(short for chunky monkey), Emmie or Em
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Rowdy's most common appellation is "Rowdy Dammit!"
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meow meow gets to be called mao mao..literally means furry in chinese cos she's got lotsa fur..

boy boy gets to be called gong gong..meaning silly..he has that stoned face most of the time...
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Calipso , I call Ipsy , Lipsy and Pipsy or Pipsily
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Tornado, he goes through the house like one each day.
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Stinky, stinky-butt, silly, but her real name is Amber.
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Cindy is Mum's sweet Cinnamon Bun, so she gets "Bun" or "Bonny-Bun" as much as anything.

Suzy gets "Sooz".

Fawn is our little Lawn Tiger.
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Ashley: Ash, Ashums, Ashme, Stinky, Stinky Butt, Smelly Butt, Ashleykins, Smelly, Pookums, Pookie, etc.
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Bobbie has been known by many things...
The Fabulous Ms Two Toes
Bobbie Two Toes
Bobbie De Lobbie
Bobbie Bay Bee
Bobbie Boo
Who's my pretty baby?
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There's a really good thread about cat nicknames here. Look at all the lovely things we call our furbabies!
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Morgan is usually called Buddy or Budzer. I call both of them Kitters, Kitterbees, and kitterbugs. Abigail is Abby and sometimes Sassy Shes also my Pretty Girl.
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Zoey is Boo Boo or Boo. I almost never call her Zoey (unless I'm mad ) In fact, she doesnt even answer to Zoey.. she answers to Boo Boo
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Snoopy is Mr. Snoopis T. Gundy

Shane is: Sha nai nai

Simba: He's still too new to have a nickname, but I'm sure he'll get one.
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Loki = Honey, baby boy, puppale, boychicle, Mush mush
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Kitty: Kit Kat

Lucky: Luck Duck, Lucky girl, girlfriend (Kevin called her that a lot when she first started coming around - after her capture)

Charm: Charmy, Sweetie Petey (don't know why, she's a girl, but this just happened), and Little One

And, of course, all of them come when I say,"C'mon girls".
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I've learned to pick names that translate well into nicknames, cause they always wind up with those eventually!

Shep: Faithful doggie shep

Bogart: Boogs, booger-boy, boogie-man, sir lancelot

Stumpy: Speed-bump, stumparino

Tigger: Tigs, Iggie-wigs

Eight-ball: Nut-ball, Goof-ball

Bob Marley: Bob-o-matic, bob-o-rino

Pinky: Big-pinks, pinkmeister

Ruby: Ruby-duby-do

Scarlett: Miss Scaaaahhhhhhlllleeeeetttt

Muddy Waters: Mud-bug, Muddy-guy

Koko Taylor: Sweet coquette, koko-krispies, kookoo-koko

Sage: Sage-brush

Wheh! Did I get them all???
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Peaches = Princess, Sweet Peach, Peachy, Binty (My daughter in Arabic)

Henrietta = Henri, Peanut, Asad (Lion in Arabic)

Carmella = Carmelli, Missy, Hissy, Kerbella (City in Iraq)

The Arabic names my estranged husband started using and they just kind of stuck! He loves Asad (Henrietta) and says she is his cat. I swear he comes over just to see her! He started calling her that when I first got her because she had kind of a lion cut and she looked just like one!
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I posted my nicknames here, Silly Nicknames, great thread.

Mozart - Big Boy, Sir Sheds-A-Lot, Bubba.
Ginza - Mr. Scary-Smarty-Pants, Sir Jumps-A-Lot
Kayla - Petite Princess, Cutie, Cutie Patootie.

They're all "Sweetie".

I forgot - Mozart's also Butterball.
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we call our blackie, Bird, hes such a cat bird, now stripey, we dont really have a nickname for him, we just call him our little striped boy when we talk to him
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Oscar aka Oscardoodle or doodle

Sammycat aka babycat or sumocat depending on my mood.
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Jake gets "Jakey" or "Meow-Meow" and Elwood gets "'pud" or "Kitty-c"

HA! Meow-Meow and Kitty-C sound like a rap group!!!!
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Stinkie: Stinkie boy, baby boy, buddy, monkey, stinkie monkey, monkey boy, Tink, Tink Tink, Stinkbug

Thumper: Thumpie, the queen, pretty girl, Thump Thump, Doot Doot, Dumpy Dump, bully baby

Rat: Rat T, Fat T Rat T, baby girl, the food psychic

Tater Dude: Dude, Doodlebug, Dude Man, Duder, Doody

Pretty Kitty: PK, Puk Kitty, Pretty Lady, sweetie

Iddie Bit: Ug a Bug, Bittie Bit, Ug, Dub, Uggy Buggy

Mitzi: Mitz Bitz, Mitz

New stray kitten: Jiddy, Jitterbug
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I call it dog's breath...
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