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All blondes to Scotland!

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[From the Ananova Alerting Service]

Researchers seek blondes

A team of scientists trying to discover if blondes really do have more fun are appealing for more volunteers to help their research.

Experts at the University of Edinburgh are looking for people living in or close to the city to help them with their study.

The team is being led by Professor Jonathan Rees, who has already completed extensive research into red hair.

His team is are trying to discover why there are differences in human hair colour, and why people's skin responds differently to sunshine, depending on hair colour.

They also want to know what advantages, if any, there might be to having blonde hair.

Professor Rees said: "For all the jokes about dumb blondes, we are very ignorant of its genetics and we don't understand why some people are blonde and others are not.

"We are curious as to why blonde hair developed in northern Europe and nowhere else in the world, and we also want to understand why it is inherited in families.

"To do this we need to collect people who have blonde hair in early adult life, look at hair colour and study the hair colour of their families."

Professor Rees is looking for men and women of all ages to help with the two-year project.

Volunteers hair will be photographed and studied by the team who are particularly keen to find volunteers whose brothers and sisters or parents also have blonde hair.

Story filed: 01:05 Monday 9th July 2001

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Ummm...for the benefit of the blondes out there.....take a plane to England,have someone turn you facing north,start walking. When you run out of land and are standing up to your armpits in cold water...back up 100 steps. You are now in Scotland. Don't talk to the sheep.:tounge2:
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My hair is Auburn...they already have plenty of us in Scotland...guess I'm staying home!

Great directions KittyFoot...but how will they find their way back?

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Back??? You want 'em back??? You suuuuure about that??? :tounge2:
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ummm...good point...nevermind.:laughing2

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Speaking as a BRUNETTE, (whose hair has now turnedSILVER), I just want to say that KittyFoot :foot: and Cleo :egypt: are having entirely too-o-o-o-o-o much FUN with this post!!! I am on the floor laughing at their quips. . . . . Thank you, Joe, for bringing this to our attention. :dali:

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Hmph. I am a natural blonde.

Guess *this* is why I dyed my hair red! :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I have brown hair....and I think surveys like this suck.
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