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Announcing...Stray Pet Advocacy!

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I am so pleased to announce the launch of

Laurie, Christy, Kass and I have been working on putting together a website that is a clearinghouse of information for issues affecting stray and feral animals. The culmination of at least 6 months of work is finally up for the public.

We really hope that this website fills a void on the internet, and becomes a place where people who are trying to better the lives of stray companion animals will be able to find the information that they need to educate the public and work to change the laws that apply to companion animals.

So, we formally invite everyone here to visit us, and please make use of the materials we've gathered and created.

And to join us in the Celebration!!!
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what a wonderful site!!! I'm going to put a link on my site when I do my next update.
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Kudos! This site will come in very handy for many!
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Major Applause from my camp!!!!! Bravo guys you all did good!!
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Congrats! This looks good!
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This is a great site , you all did a super job . I book mark this site
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Great site!!!
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Woohoo!!!! It looks great Heidi! You, Laurie, Christy, and Kass did a great job!

I'll be adding it to Spike's favorite links page.
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What you are doing is wonderful and amazing. I will be linking all three sites to my personal site next time I work on it.
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I just wanted to add my thanks to Heidi, Christy and Kass. Hours and hours (and more hours!) were spent searching for useful links and research.... and Heidi did, I think, an INCREDIBLE job on the legislative section. Christy's cat predation work is unparalleled, and will be up on the site soon. Kass did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work and came up with some incredible advocacy and educational links - and though her work isn't as obvious, it's outstanding and just as important to the results at the site! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This wouldn't have happened without them, and I AM SO PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OH! And of course - Heidi put the whole site together and designed the graphics!

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Fabulous job - I am going to send the link to a bunch of friends who deal with ferals!
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Very important and well needed! Bravo!
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You are doing a wonderful thing! Are those impish white kittens the trips? :
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Yup - that's them!!!!
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Are those impish white kittens the trips? :
Those are the trips! How could we not include them???

Great work everyone!!!
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Those trips are going to be famous 1 day - I can feel it in my bones!
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It's been so wonderful to work with three great ladies-Laurie, Heidi and Kass-on such an important project. But just because it's up, doesn't mean it will be static. We've got more things planned, so check back regularly!
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WOW!!!! What an AWESOME website!!! I am SO proud of you guys and all your hard work!!! It looks wonderful!!!! Great job!!!!!!!
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