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Still having computer problems, Help!

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FOr some reason, I can't view pics online. They are distorted and you can't even make out what they are. If I save a picture, it is also distorted. Here is what I mean:

Please help!
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Woah that is weird!

What operating system are you running? And what resolution? Any picture on the web looks like this when you save it??
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Hi Bren.

Sorry you are having computer problems that's what happened to me last week- I had to go to Display and un instal the display adapter and then re install it, everything works fine now apart from the fact I can't use my digital camera!

Other then that, I'm stumped, perhaps you could ring a comp servicer?

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Every picture on-line looks like that. I use Windows 98, and for the internet I have Net Zero and Internet Explorer 6. This happened in the last week, and I haven't made any changes in any of these things. It's driving me nuts, I can't see anyone's pics, or my own.
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Wow that is weird! I wish I could help you, but I know zilch about computers.
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What file extension are they saved as? That happened to me today with some pictures my mother sent me. For some reason they reverted to gif format or 256 bit color and I had to resave them.
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This happens to pics I save, and that is what all my imagestation pics look like, too. Not to mention the pics in my sig, and everyone else's, too.
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Maybe re-installing your display driver will help like Sam says. Hmmm... well this might sound dumb, but have you looked at your display properties? Maybe they got reset to 256 color in a low resolution. Right-click on your desktop background, click on active desktop and customize my desktop. Click on the settings tab in the top right corner. The window that opens will show you the current color and resolution.
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I'll check out the display properties when I get home later. I looked briefly at it, I think it was ok, but it can't hurt to look again. How do I reinstall the display driver?

BTW, pics saved in folders on my desktop are ok.

If nothing else works, I'll get out my disk to put it back to like new condition. I can save a lot of my files on disk, so I won't lose much.
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I think I finally figured it out. I was using NetZero high speed, and noticed that there is a way to improve viewing graphics. Most pics now look normal, although my sig still looks odd. Oh well, at least everything else is ok. Gosh that was annoying.
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Hey Brenda, glad you figured it out. If you did have to check what your video card was, it is also listed in the same window that shows your resolution and color depth. For me, I would find the NVIDIA web site and just download a new driver. -hope your computer continues to run safely from now on.
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Ryan, considering I now have Spybot and ZoneAlarm, I sure hope so. I didn't realize I had to protect myself so much. Thanks for your help.
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You're welcome Brenda.
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I hope everything's okay now for you Brenda!
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