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Need to Vent!

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Hello Everyone.

Lately things have been rough here, Mum told me before her new partner moved in that I was the most important thing in her life, well it doesn't seem like it, Mum's new partner Tom always swears at me, and he has his 'own' food in the fridge that I can't eat and it's getting really depressing around here and at tea time I have to cook my own tea, if mums working, he also promised mum he would build us a new cat house and mum told Nana & I he would, he says he has no money now, I hate it when people promise stuff and can't keep the promises, and we don't have any food in our fridge now, so I have to use my own money to go down to the shops to buy something and also I get bribed to do stuff, say if you vacuum the floors, I'll buy you a new top for school, I'm freezing because I don't have a school jersey, Mums a different person now and whenever I try and talk to her, Tom interupts and I can never have my say.

, Sorry i'm ranting but TCS always makes me feel better.

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Sam , maybe you can take you mom aside , just you and her and no Tom and try to talk to her . Tell her that he swears at you and so on and what ever is going on , but you have to be calm when you talk to her with no anger . If Tom is there he try to be in between of you and your mom . Well maybe Tom really don't have the money right now , but it don't mean that he is not keeping his promiss . He may do it at some later time when he is doing finacialy better .So calm down now , being angry wont help you and may just give you a upsad tummy . It is going to be ok in time
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That is awful!!!! He should never swear at you!!!! Does your mom know he swears at you???? And he shouldn't keep making promises to you or bribing you and then not following through on them! I hope you can get a chance to talk to your mom about this without him around...I will be thinking about you...please keep us posted! You deserve to be treated better!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh sam that sucks ,please talk to your mom!!(((((((HUGS)))))))))))
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((Big Hug)) Vent all you want, we're listening. Sorry it's been so rough on you Hang in there.

Tell your Mum you need some alone time with her, so you can let her know how you're feeling about the situation. Definitely tell her about the swearing, that is out of line. And PM me anytime.
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He does not have the right to swear at you!!!!

Please tell your Mom.. Who does he think he is?? oh this just makes me mad.
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Hello Everyone!

I'm not fussed about the cat house, but it's just we have 2 new males arriving this month and they will stink out our house! Mum & him are moving in together in a few months and to tell you the truth I don't wont to move in with him! I miss Ian , mums ex partner so much!

Yup, he swore at me in front of mum this morning, I just burst out in tears- I don't want to be treated like this.

I will try and talk to mum when he's not here.

Thanks so much for listening guys..
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You can talk to us anytime!!!!!!! Send me a PM if you want, even though I'm not online so much anymore...I will read it as soon as I am on!!! *HUGS* (Maybe adopting me as your mom isn't such a bad idea!!!)
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Sam, definitely talk to your mom. Nobody should treat you like that. Tell her how you feel, and that she seems different now that he is in the picture.
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I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time.
It's hard for kids to accept their parent's new friends.
I've been a single mom for 11 years and when I dated for a while, my kids were not happy with it at all.

It's sad that your mother's new friend swears at you.
It's verbal abuse and you shouldn't have to take it.

Do you have a teacher that you can confide in if you can't talk to you mom? Your mom is probably ignoring Tom's faults because she infatuated with him and wants the relationship to work.

I am also sad that you do not have any warm shirts to wear! or food to eat when you are hungry
If you tell me your size and PM me your shipping address I can probably find a shirt in my daughter's closet. She is a pack rat

If you don't feel comfortable doing that, I understand completely.

Take care.
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I agree with everyone that he shouldn't be swearing at you - it is not acceptable. And I also agree with Purrfect Catlove that it would be best if possible to stay calm while you try to talk to your mom about it. It's so hard to do when you're feeling so bad, but will hopefully help you get your feelings heard.

I also agree with George's Mom that it would be good for you to have someone you can trust to talk to about this - is Nana your grandmother? Can you talk to her?

My parents divorced when I was twelve, and both re-married. I remember that it got pretty brutal emotionally at times, and neither of my parents new spouses ever treated me that badly. I am so sorry for what you are going through, just please don't feel that you are all alone! It's good to come here to vent and get it out.
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do talk to your mom... spend a dinner with her outside or something.. tell her how you feel... let her know what is going on... keep us updated...
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Thanks Debby! You are the biggest sweety!

Laurie- Thanks for the sweet message, We have a councellor at school right, but my friend went to her and the councellor promised she wouldn't tell her mother and then she did!

Awww Thanks for the offer.. It's actually a school shirt and I do have one but it's too big, mum said she will buy it soon, I have been nagging her all morning!

Yup, I always used to talk to my Nana and I used to stay with her an awful lot, but I told her something and she told Mum so now I don't trust her, I'm have councelling so I can talk there.

Thanks everyone so much, its means heaps to me

love sam
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Aw, Sam, I'm so sorry.

Tom sounds like a real jerk... argh. And hey, if there's ever ANYTHING you want to talk about, you can PM me. I don't always have the best advice, but I'm always willing to listen.
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Thanks Jenn!
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This guy should not be swearing at you and what's this business about segregated food? No offense, to your mom but what the heck is she thinking? NOBODY ever mistreated my kids and got away with it. I tossed more than one sorry butt out the door, for that.

If this goes beyond swearing and he lays a hand on you - go to the authorities, right away. I'd hate to see you get hurt.
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