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The neighbors' dog jumped from the balcony

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I have to get up for work in five hours, and this is the only thing keeping me awake. Our next-door neighbors were out this evening, and left the door to the second-storey balcony open, as they've been doing for years, so that their greyhound (11) can watch what's going on in the neighborhood. Other neighbors rang our doorbell a few hours ago, because the dog was lying in front of the house, and nobody was home. He growled when they approached him (quite unlike him). We went out, and he growled at my husband, but let me touch him (I babytalk him all the time, and "borrow" him for walks. Besides, I'm his best buddy's (JC's)mommy. He seemed okay, got up and walked around, but the only way he could have gotten out was by jumping from the balcony, something our boxer did years ago (he wasn't hurt). I managed to get a hold of the daughter who no longer lives at home, and she took him to an emergency clinic. I'm sitting here with my cell phone, waiting for word on how he is. I can't believe he did that.
Just heard the car - I'll update in 5 minutes.
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Oh my god! Crazy dog!!
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I hope he's OK!
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OMG , I hope he is ok . Yes let us know how he is please . Poor sweetie
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OMG I hope he's OK! I'm so glad you were able to help him and get ahold of family for him.
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Aki is okay. Other than a split toenail and an abrasion on his left foreleg, the vets couldn't find any injuries. Jen (the eldest daughter) thinks he seems confused. She's going to spend the night, and her mother and sister just got home. I'm thinking "senility". Apparently he has been getting up and sleeping on the kitchen table for the past few weeks, something he never did before. Our dog did it when he was rather young (about 4), and we'd only been in the house for about 3 weeks. He saw me coming home from work, and jumped out of sheer overexuberance (common among boxers, and Fritz was doing Agility at the time). But greyhounds are rather sedate, and Aki has never done anything like that before. I'd never seen him growl before, either. If you have balconies, please screen them!
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Well I am glad he is ok , it could have been really bad for him
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I am just so glad to hear the dog is okay!!! I hope they will keep the balcony closed now.It is so good you were there for him!
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I'm so glad the neighbor's dog is ok! I know that vets over here in the U.S. can prescribe medications for dogs that are getting senile, but maybe that option isn't available in Germany.
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glad that the dog is ok...
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And I thought that my dogs did some goofy things! I'm glad that he's OK, though.

A while back, Ike was running, full tilt and stepped into hole, that he and Pearl had dug. He got off, with a skinned knee.
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