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Cat negatives - Page 2

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All three of my cats eating. Guess which one is Tigger! lol.

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OK, who is going to make a million with a Halloween greeting card line!! I think thats the way alien kitties must look. Let's not show these pics to our cats, it might warp their little self-images LOL.
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I love these pictures!

Tasha I think your pics are super cute!

and Tamme I love that pic of your three, I'm glad Tigger is getting used to lil Kanga!

Thanks for sharing everyone!
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Tigger looks huge in negative! LOL!
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neat thread idea!

Here's Oreo as an alternate-world being:
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I love Sylvestra's little white nose & black whiskers!
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Felixia's nose is green!
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And Mr. Underfoot's softpaws are pink
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I just noticed this thread -- and I love it! Very cool. I'm gonna' post some of Harry & Maggie ...
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Here's Harry's negatives -- he looks like a totally different cat!

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And this is Maggie, she kinda looks like a Russian Blue

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Loved your pictures of the Tukkies(Tuxedo's ) Tess!

and your pics are very cute Angela!

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here is misser and the others Skittle,Iddy. They look realy weird.

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WOW! Misser looks like a saber toothed tiger! Cool pic.
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Well he is! The sweetest smallest saber tooth youve ever seen!
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Here's Tigger

and Roo

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I love the pink changing to green Green tongues and noses!
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I love the royal blue eyes!
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Love the tongue!!! Cute kitties Tamme!
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