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Cat negatives

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We did this on another site that I am on and I thought it was pretty cool. You just take their picture and make it "negative" depeding on your program you either invert the colors or some have a negative feature.

So.. lets see some negatives!

Here are my pictures



Tibby and Corkscrew
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that is really need , I like it and something different to look at .Very nice .
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Oooh how cool!! I love it. This is fun!! Heres a few of mine.

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Zoey looks white

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I love doing this! I was experiminting with that yesterday!I'll share some later!

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they all look great
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[quote]Originally posted by Sicycat
[b]Zoey looks white QUOTE]

You know, Zoey not only looks silvery-white, but her eyes are a soft purple. Perhaps the negatives show her true inner beauty. Perhaps she's not such a demon cat after all. Could it be?
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Jenk that is such a sweet thought
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Nakita the Negative! (with Rob in the background)

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Green eyes turn purple That is so cool.
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Cool! I like the second picture with Corkscrew in the basket. He looks like a blue kitty.
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Here is the Sammycat and Oscar fighting over who gets the top bunk of their condo.
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Okay this isn't a negative, but here's a purple version Silver; my oldest sister's cat.
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Okay- I'm uploading some Inverted pictures of my kitties at the moment- It turns out that Mozilla doesn't work with Imagestation any more so I have to use IE to upload my pictures..LOL.

Here's Inverted.. Holly!
Check out her black moustache?? HAHA

Here's Inverted.. Sophie!
This picture really creaped me out, look at her tabby barrings..

Elmo & Loonie to follow...
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Here's Inverted.. Loonie!
I love this one of Loonie- look at her cute nose!

Here's Inverted.. Elmo!
He gets two pictures, coz he's cute!LOL(Yup,he bribed me to say that )
Check out his green .. LMAO!

Here's the silly boy, in his fave smile pose!

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Love everyones alien kitties!
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This, sadly, is the ONLY scanned pic of Ashley I have (and I do mean literally). I'm meaning to scan the others, I just can find the scanner cable. :p
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Sam I love your pictures! The kitty mostache is so funny!
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This is the pic I posted earlier where I was holding Nakita! Now this is real alien material! :martian:

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LOL. Nakita kind of looks like a bunny in that picture.
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I cannot believe Nakita looks beautiful, even when 'in the negative'! That's actually a great pic, especially you with your green face.

Here is Baby, the little guy in my sig, but a bit older

Here's Fang

Here's my sig pic, look at that wittle green paw!

Here's Vegemite. She's usually a calico and white LOL.

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Love the pics. Kass - that sure is a freaky (in a good way) pic of you and Nakita!
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Here's mine!








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This is freeway: my I want attention now! Kitty. Her favorite spot is in front of me when I am trying to work

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freaky pics!!! Nakita is still beautiful! All the cats are pretty even in negative!
Here's mine
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Here's another...
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Nakita the Negative! (with Rob in the background)

What a great thread! I like MamaKats pics. . so dramatic.

And the pic of Nakita. . .I swear if you look in the lavendar orbs of her eyes, there's teeny little aliens peaking out at me — that must be a reflection of Kass! Gasp. . .she must be an alien!
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Oscar playing with my brother
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Sammycat reaching for the nip
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