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Cat Fancy

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I just renewed my subscription to "Cat Fancy" magazine, and was wondering how many people here read it. I really like the articles on health, behavior, and rescues, and it's one of the few magazines whose ads I actually read. What about the rest of you?
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I'm a regular reader. I HAD a subscription, but they stopped sending it after a few issues
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I have a subscription. I can always find useful information in each issue.
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I read it occasionally... I even have this months issue "Rocker Cats".
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A story I rewrote after an interview I did with a gentleman who taught his feral cats to play guitar will be appearing in Cat Fancy in 2004 in their Flights Of Fancy column! I use the magazine for its articles in regards to health and kitten care, and I drool over the beautiful breeds they showcase.
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I want a subscription
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I'm not much of a magazine reader or subscriber, but I do read it occasionally.
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I have a subscription as well.
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I read it!
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I have a subsription for many years now and always enjoy reading in it . I also look when there is a cat show in my area
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Hissy, I'll keep an eye out for that. So far, the best thing I've read in "Flights of Fancy" was "Zane's Rainbow" at the beginning of the year. What a tearjerker!
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I love it for the behavior & health info, and for the cute pictures. Seems sometimes like half the magazine is breeder ads, though, which I really don't care about - I've never had to buy a cat, they're always showing up at my door! But I love the other content, and the new pet products, too.
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I occasionally pick it up if I'm in the drug store or the grocery store, but I can't always afford it. I asked if they could get it in at the library, but they told me that they can't get many special interest magazines (but yet, they have a couple about scuba diving? Hmm...)

Anyway, I read it about 3 times a year.
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I subscribe to it and enjoy reading it.
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my sister and i share the cost of the subscribtion and then we share the magizine, she reads it and then i read it, maybe if you cant afford to get a subscip. you could do the buddy system and share we love it, there is just so much to learn from it and they have some really good stories also.
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We have a subscription, thanks to RHBarb! She sent it to us as an xmas gift a couple of years ago and renewed it last year. I love reading it! I am so excited, the next issue is supposed to be about Abyssinians!
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I like reading about the lastest health and nutritional issues, breeds, and the behavior articles.
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