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Wellness and Wysong foods

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I'm thinking of changing Tibby and Corkscrews food. My boss also owns a company that sells pet food and two of the brands she sells are Wellness and Wysong. I'm interested in both of these brands, does any one have an idea of which one is better? Or does anyone here feed their cats either of these two brands?
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Nakita was given Wellness since she was a kitten at the breeders home. Since I brought her home, I have her on Wellness canned food and Innova dry (only because of availability). Wysong has many alternative products (ie: for cats with specific health problems, vitamins etc.) and it is also ranked as a premium food.

Here's the website for Wysong:


Here's the website for Wellness:


To me, all the premium cat foods are comparable. They try to stay away from fillers as the main source(ie: corn, rice, etc) and use no byproducts and artificial colourings, flavourings, dies and preservatives. Also if you research, you will see strong testimonials from all the brands. There is not just one best food out there. I think the best diet you can give your cat is the most natural one you can afford. I would love to give Nakita even a partial raw diet but she won't go near the stuff!

You have to trial test the foods and see which one your cat will eat, what you can afford to pay, and which products areavailable in your area.
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I am in a similar difficult sitation I was told that Nutro was good but not the "best" So I went out and got a can of Innova, Wellness and Felidae. Well.. problem is she likes them all!!! So I dont know which one to stick with.

The dry food isnt the problem. I am feeding her Chicken Soup for the cat lovers soul and she loves it... and I am satisfied with the ingredients.
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I think they are both high quality foods. I've used the Wysyong Vitality dry in the past..mine liked it and seemed to do fine on it. I've only used the canned Wellness...I think its great. Im sure either food would be a fine choice.
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