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Alert! All Cat/dog Lovers Read This!!!

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Earlier on thismorning a freind of mine was sent an email to read an article on PetPlanet.co.uk. Who of you own, or at least knows someone who owns a dog? - Most of you right? - You might be interested to know that Germany is attempting to ban/restrict certain so called "dangerous" dogs! these "dangerous" dogs include Staffie Bull Terriors, Shar Peis, Dobermans, and even Golden Retrievers! to name just a few! Basically it could be extended to include all dogs who are over 16 inches tall! It will allow the authorities to enter houses without warrent, and confiscate animals and destroy them if they think they might be dangerous. Surely this can't be allowed!, and don't think just because its in Germany it won't affect us, it will! Because we are part of the EU, if we are outvoted on a European level we may be FORCED to adopt these laws! If you want to read more on this go to Petplanet.co.uk, in to news, and its the first item on there. Also you might like to read the one underneath about a drunk woman who microwaved her kitten (killing it)!, thankfully she has been banned from ever owning pets/animals again and is serving a 3 month jail sentance (personally I think 3 months is not enough, but at least its something!)

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Both stories are totally shocking....i do hope that that Dog law will not come into force...is there anything we can do...a petition or something?
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Hi Amanda, in the article it has some ideas of who to write to and some addresses, they suggest your local MP and others, here they are:

Rt Hon Tony Blair, MP 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 1AA,
Home Secretary, 50 Queen Annes Gate, London SW1H 9AT,
European Commission, 8 Storey's Gate, London SW1P 3AT,
H.E The German Ambassador, Dr Hans-Friederich von Ploetz, German Embassy, 23 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PZ.

Hope this helps. Please tell as many people as possible about this as the more public interest they get the more they will HAVE to re-consider!

Oh, and you can also help by sending a contribution (payable to: The Kennel Club (DOMINO))to DOMINO Fund, c/o The Kennel club, 1-5 larges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB (this will help to fund the organising of events and research and inform the public)

Please help spread the word!

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that is the cutest picture....please check out my site and sign guestbook
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that is an absolute horrible law they are trying to enforce!
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