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guinea pigs with cats

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Does anyone here have any ideas how to have both cats and guinea pigs live together in the same home? How to introduce them, how to keep the cat from wanting to eat the pigs, etc.?
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I have two guinea pigs, and keep them safely away from my cats. I'm not sure the two species can co-exist absolutely safely- but I'm no expert. The few times my cats have been in close proximity to the pigs, they went directly into 'hunt mode'- crouched down- tails twitching, jaws chattering.

If I were you- I'd keep the piggies away from the cat.
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Hmm i'd just keep the Guinea Pigs in a high place or seperate room so he cats can't get them. I think its natural for the cats to want them but i could be wrong.
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I think they may can stay together if they have grown up together as babies . But otherwise I would not keep them together or the cats may have lunch .
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Years ago I had a roommate who had a calico guinea pig and I had two cats, one of whom was a calico. Her guinea pig used to chase my calico cat all over the apartment! It was so funy to watch. We joked that the calico pig was chasing the calico cat because the pig thought the cat was his mommy!
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I used to have guinea pigs and a cat, and never had a problem. Mind you, the cat in question is a female tonkinese who believes every furry thing smaller than her is a kitten in need of a new mommy! (this has included the pigs, my ferret, and various stuffed toys)
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Thanks for your help everyone!
That must have looked really funny lotsocats! Those are fun pictues hissy. And that one red guinea pig in the second picture looks almost exactly like my Russkits!
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