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My cats making a mess! LOL

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Here are some pics of 2 of my cats making a big mess in my bedroom!

I had a neat pile of folders, files and papers on the floor next to my file cabinet... A couple nights ago, as I was working on the laptop, I wasn't paying much attention to what my cats were up to so when I looked to my right, I saw all the folders, files and papers scattered all over the bedroom!!

It took me a while to gather all the papers up because as I was collecting them, the cats would come running, jump on the papers and go WHHHEEEEEE on the papers sliding like crazy until they hit the wall or something.
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2nd pic of the cats enjoying the mess they made!

If any of u have pics of ur cats making any kind of mess, I'd love to see them!
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I bet it was cute to see them go flying! Messy kitties wanted to help you with your paperwork
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Yeah but they sure DIDN'T want to help me CLEAN up!
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I rarley catch mine making the mess, but I always find the mess witht he look of "what, I'm not doing anything" on both faces, I am sure they are laughing inside though
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they must know my cats!
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lmao this thread just really made me laugh How can you possibly be mad at the babies
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That is too funny!
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lol, looks like that had fun!
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Yeah it was funny to watch them sliding around on the paperwork!

U guys should've seen me last Sun morning! I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off! What happened was that there's a panel with switches for turning power on, etc in one of my walls and it's hidden by shutters which I keep closed with tape cuz my CLEVER cat Zebra knows how to open doors! I didn't want cats getting in there cuz of all the wires and open rafters in the ceiling.

Well, Sun morning when I woke up, I saw that the shutters were wide open and one boy was sitting on the sill. I just FREAKED out and started calling for all 4 cats and couldn't find Pepper and Zebra even with me tearing my apt apart! I KNEW then they must've gotten into the space and up in the rafters so I went to look up in that space and after a few minutes of calling, calling, calling, I saw two black/white faces peering out toward me from a SMALL space in the rafters and just LOST it! (It's very unusual for me to get mad and yell at my cats so this showed how upset and worried I was!) I started calling like crazy, put out wet catfood, got up on the sill and tried to grab them. After 30 min of calling, struggling, trying to grab and seeing them run back into the rafters, I was getting DESPERATE! Finally I was able to get both cats out! Thank heavens these two cats were okay but they were covered with dust and who knows what else!

I immediately taped the shutters together,gave them some cat treats and tried to calm my racing heart down! I am still counting white hairs on my head from this most recent scare! (Luckily, no white hairs so far!) I will install a hook with loop up high so Zebra won't be able to open it again!
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You know, if I had my camera ready a couple nights ago I could have added to this thread.

I was folding laundry, with a laundry basket PILED with clean clothes. Trent decided that Mommy needed help. Then he found out how much FUN it is to jump on a pile of clothes and tumble down with the clothes! It took forever to finish folding the clothes, and then putting them away I got more help in the form of a kitty in the laundry basket.

But Trent was happy and that's all that really matters.
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Oh my gosh!

I have SUCH a good little boy. I can't remember the last time he messed up any of my stuff. (Of course, posting this will jinx me! )
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Found some other pics of my beloved cats making more messes!

Apparently they got into my plants during the night where I had placed plants HIGH on a shelf where I didn't think they could get to . The plant's roots were too damaged by the time I woke up in the morning (I'm deaf so I didn't hear pots breaking in the middle of nite! )

The plants weren't poisonous so the cats weren't harmed! After a few incidents of having plants toppled over, ruined, etc, I gave up and got rid of the plants that couldn't be hung up from the ceiling. It took me over 2 hours to get all the soil out of the carpet, pick up all the pieces of broken pottery and shampooed the carpet to remove the stains...
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OK, THAT is a heckofa mess! Whoooeee!
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LOL, you have to trust me when I say even hanging plants are suspect target. I had one, kind of a vine plant, hanging in the corner and they managed to take it down twice, still not sure how they got to it. Renting carpet cleaners each time, the second time the plant just would not survive the trauma. I have a second one just like it that hangs from the ceiling, I know they can't fly (at least I dont think so yet) so this one might be safe.
I feel your pain..
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ROFL.....I used to have a full room full of plants, and now I'm down to 2. One they just don't care about, and another hanging one. For the hanging one, they somehow jump on top of my 7 foot tall desk (don't ask me how they manage to do that), then leap across and land in the hanging plant. I've caught them swinging on it more than once.

The other fun game is making the bed after the sheets are washed. Anyone have problems with that one in your household? Dakota and Sage just learned the pleasure of that game the other night, along with Muddy, Koko, Scarlett and Stumpy....try making a bed with 6 cats trying to play with the sheets!
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Okay, this happened just this morning. last night some toys arrived and I thought it would be ok to put the box behind the garbage can. wrong!

And this is Amber helping with the laundry...

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AWWWWWWWWW! Amber looked sooo cute all curled up on laundry! Makes me want to her!!
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What a cutie!! You have your hands full!
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