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Monday's DT

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Well, I haven't started a DT for a long time, so I thought I would do so today. I have been trying to catch up with the forums as I have been in intensive job training for the last 2 weeks. I am doing a last bit of reading and tomorrow I can start in on the nitty gritty of the job.

I celebrated my 7th anniversary yesterday (if you can call it a celebration). Hubby was a stick in the mud and didn't even want to go out to dinner. He always has some excuse whenever I want to go out someplace of my choice. He really dislikes going to the movies or to a restaurant. It would have been nice to have a nice dinner out. We did go to the races and slots on Saturday, but that was not for our anniversary.

If I have missed important things in your lives I am sorry. Hope everything is going well. Anything new happening?
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Happy Anniversary Ady!

Not a whole lot going on with me, just work and more work. Earl is getting over his pneumonia, but has conditional asthma for a while so we have to watch it so he doesn't overdo it.

How do you like your new position, Ady?

Have a great day everyone!
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Thanks Heidi.

So far the new job is fascinating, but I am terrified that I am going to screw up (I will be the one ultimately responsible to determine if some is entitled to government aid). I get to adjudicate (or start adjucicating) my 1st file tomorrow. I am still trying to recover from the training it is very intense.

Did Earl get some inhalers to help. I have 2, ventilin and Advair. Advair is a great preventative med.
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Yup, he's on Advair twice a day, and Proventil twice a day or as needed. Personally, I think he's relying on the Proventil too much, but that's just because I have asthma and he does it when I wouldn't even think about it.
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Men are wimps when they are sick!
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Welcome back Ady and Happy Anniversary! I've been wondering how your new job was going. Thanks for filling us in.
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What is a DT?
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Oh wow! I haven't seen a DT in ages!

Glad you are enjoying your new position Ady. I'm sure you'll be wonderful!

Heidi.. happy to hear hubby is slowly getting better. He is probably anxious to clear it all up and thinks that the more he uses it, the faster it'll go. Who knows?? But men are definately more 'wimpy' when they are sick.
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Oh my gosh!!! Men are wimps when they get sick, or even a headache, for crying out loud!!! I was pregnant with bronchitis, had a baby by c-section, have some sicknesses every now and then and of course the f***** menstrual cramps every month, the mood swings, a baby to take care of and a grown man to take care of and still I'm able to make it without 'whining'! ARgh!!! Don't get me started!

About to eat noodles by the way!

Congrats on your anniversary, a bummer you couldn't do what you wanted though!
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
..... the mood swings, a baby to take care of and a grown man to take care of and still I'm able to make it without 'whining'! ARgh!!! Don't get me started!

Rob is the opposite. He doesn't tell me he's sick till it's almost too late! He could cut off his arm with an axe and then say, don't worry I'm sure I have some duct tape somewhere...

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You are lucky Kass!
Jake has a case of poison ivy at the moment and all he has done is whine about it, what can I do? Men!

Went to the gym.

The clutch went kaput on the car so lets hope we can find a mechanic available and at a good price. Why are labour costs more than the parts????????
The only mechanic we can find is available in 10 days. Oh boy, so send some of that great board magic that we can find someone!
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
What is a DT?
A DT is a daily thread, where people talk about how their day is going, plans for later, etc.

Had my evaluation with the boss today. I was nervous because last time, I thought everything was OK and he only renewed me for 6 months (My position is a yearly appointment). This time, he was much more satisfied and said if he could renew me for two years, he would He also conceives of my position as a long-term one that will grow with the lab, which is what I want. Now if I could only get more money

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day. Only a little over an hour left!
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My Dad is the same as Kass's hubby. Last November he was feeling a little under the weather, but decided to go to camp to feed the birds. He hit black ice and he flipped his truck. When he was brought into the ER they found out that he not only broke his back, but had a temperature of 103. Most of us would have stayed in bed with a 103 temperature.
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Hello.. Ooooh a DT!

Happy Anv. Ady!

I have got the Flu again, So i'm not at college!

I'm just checking out the forums and then I'm going to go and feed my pets!

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I worked 10 hours today so I am beat!
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I missed the Daily Threads!!

Spawn had a vet appointment today - just her yearly exam. She got her rabies shot this time around, which she was NOT happy about at all! She's quite the healthy kitty... she weighed in at 12.5 pounds. She's been on a diet for a couple of years, not that it's helping a whole lot!

Otherwise I had a really quiet day with 'nothing' to do! So I spent most of it reading the new Robin Cook book, "Seizure". I'm half way through it now.

Happy anniversary, Ady!

Heidi, glad to hear Earl is doing better! Pneumonia is a hard one to shake off!
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Ah... I haven't seen a DT in a while.

Most of you know how badly I struggle with math and how I'm re-doing the same course I took last year. I got a test back today that I scored 98% on! I don't think I've been that proud of myself in a long time.

Went for a long bike ride today and took the dog for a walk. I'm trying to live healthier... not neccessarily to lose weight but just because I know that I'm not too healthy right now. I just hope I don't fall off the wagon again...

Socks is going to kill me in my sleep tonight. I ran out of cat treats and haven't got to the store. Her bedtime routine is that she gets a couple treats before I go to bed. She gets quite violent if she doesn't get 'em! This could be interesting....

I have another job interview on Thursday. I quit McDonald's the other day. They treated me like crap and I was at the end of my rope.
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Easy day, today. Mondays are usually busy, busy, busy but not today. When I got in, at 8:30, our systems were down but came back shortly. All of my calls were easy and there was time to breathe and eat chocolate, in between.

I know how some of these men are. Bill will die, before he tells me that he's sick.

Look at all of these new jobs and promotions, lately! Board magic WORKS!
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