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Just found abandoned cat...help!

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My husband and I were driving home this evening when we spotted a black fur ball at the side of the road. We saw it was what we thought was a kitten and pulled over. We were in a very rural area, no houses at all around. By the time we got out of the car the kitty had disappeared. We got a can of cat food that we carry, out of the trunk of the car and began searching. We heard the meowing and found this large tailess black cat hidden in the reeds across a ditch. When he got a whiff of the cat food he came out of the bushes and began gulping down the food. We finally put a blanket over him and brought him the ten miles to home. Now what? We have two other cats that are not too happy but seem to be tolerating. The new boy is under the bed and can be coaxed out with more food (he ate two cans and science diet dry and I'm still not sure he's full).
I know he'll need to go to the vet. In the meantime, do I let him outside if he wants to go? My other kitties come in and out at will. Do you think he would stick around for food if he gets outside? If anyone has advice, please advise...thanks.
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Dear Gap,
Here's what you do...since Raymond Wa. isnt far from us Oregonians, just feed the new cat, let it out, and in no time, if things go the way they seem to....it'll be at Hissy's door in 2 days...:laughing2

Just kidding, I have no sound advice as this situation is new to me, but we have experts on this topic here, and I'm sure you'll get some very good advice very soon!

Good luck to you, and I applaud you for having the heart to rescue tha cat from the road.

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Thanks for responding. The kitty seems to want out. He's very healthy (seemingly). He was litterally starving, but I wonder if maybe he's lost instead of abandoned. We'll watch the paper. Mdaybe he wants to go home. Where we found him made us think maybe someone dropped him off, but he seems well cared for so I just don't know. My husband thinks we should at least keep him in overnight.

Will let you know how it turns out.
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I would say, keep him indoors only for at least one week, so that he doesn't get lost again. Also, you may want to confine him to just one room, away from your cats until the vet gives the all clear. He could be sick or just carry fleas or earmites.

Thank you for rescuing him! If you hadn't stopped the car he would most probably would have died of starvation in a few days. I bet he was thrown out by people who wanted to get rid of yet another unwanted kitten He was very lucky that you of all people spotted him by the roadside!
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Gap - good on you for rescuing the cat......I would also say feep him in until he has been to the vet and got used to the fact that he is inside in a new place with 2 other cats. I am sure that they will eventually get along and once he gets outside I am sure that the others will show him the ropes of where not to go and where to go.

Another thought is maybe he has worms - that could be why he is stuffing his food.....maybe speak to the vet and he/she ccould recommend a wormer that you could crush into his food.

Good luck :daisy:
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If you plan to find him a home, I would keep him isolated in one room. Also if you plan to take him to the vet I would keep him inside. If he is not neutered I would keep him inside. So I guess what I am saying is..keep him inside until you can figure out the next step. If he is tailess because of genetics he is a Manx and someone probably threw him out or lost him. I wish you good luck with him.
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Good job!!!!!!!!!!
How old do you think he is?

I like everyone's advice about keeping him confined until you learn more about him. It would be a shame for the kitty to get back into a bad situation after having such kind souls rescue him!

Thought of any names????? He will need one for his new life!
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Thank you for all the wonderful advice. It was so late when I made my posting last night that I didn't get the messages until this a.m.
My husband had suggested that I put him in a room and close the door, but he just seemed so forlorn plus he hadn't used the litter box (we made him his own) even after eating all that food.

Anyway, he decided to get amourous toward my two girls (Patches and Buttons) and seemed so distressed when I tried to comfort him, I decided to let him out to go potty. He sauntered away to the dirt and wouldn't come back. Finally, at 2 a.m. I made a kitty bed on the porch and put dry food and water (actually I put the food and water out every night for some visitors who come and eat it).

Well, this morning at 8 a.m. I looked out and he was waiting. The dry food was all gone (it always is) so not knowing who ate it, I gave him a can of moist. He gobbled the entire can (he's very large).

I don't know how to guesstimate age but he's certain grown. He's solid black and looks like a black bear.

Will let you know what happens. We will keep him if we don't find somebody who wants him. He's very precious and obviously tame.

What a wonderful site this is! I've learned more here than from the books and the vet. THANK YOU.
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Give us a name here!!!!!
Lucky is too obvious.......
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Sorry to take so long to get back here. I've been trying to find out if there is danger in kitty 'skirmishes'. However, I posted my question on the wrong forum and had to figure that out. Getting there!!

Anyway, we have several names to choose from. He has 6 toes (or more) on each front paw so the grandkids suggested Toes. I like Raisin (my daughter said too feminine but I said no, that would be Raisinet, lol). My son-in-law says Clod (when I called him my little baby, son-in-law said "BABY...THAT CLODHOPPER!" hense Clod (Claude?). Daughter suggested Less (Lester?) (because he's tailess). Any more ideas out there, lol?

Will let you know. So far, Toes, Raisin, Claude or Lester.:Blackcat:
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Gap.....you are an to take in this cat!!! Let us know how it goes, and what name you decide on!
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I vote for Raisin.......
full of sunshine and love .....and good for you too!
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