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Originally posted by Shell
Thank you everyone! I'm pumped about it!
Today while I was in Lincoln I stopped by the store I'll be working at. It was a mad house...I was shocked. You would have thought it was Christmas season there or something! I talked to one of the assistant managers while I was there & asked about housing. She was so kind...she drew a map of the area close by the store & gave me ideas where some apartments are available. She even gave me her home phone number in case if I had questions. She said that she would help me find GOOD apartments...she said that the bad neighborhoods are pretty rough around there. I really felt welcomed by her...she really went out of her way!

Thanks again Guys! I'll keep you all posted on the news!
That is great! It sounds like a wonderful new place to work!
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That was really sweet of that assistant manager , she sound very nice .
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YIPPI congrats!
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This is so great Shell! I knew you would get selected!

So now you will have a very busy, but fun time, finding and making your own home!

And you´ll be living close to Ric, even if he is in the other end of the city.

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Thanks Hon! I did a little searching for apartments yesterday & sent off some question's to a few places off the net. So far, the apartments I've found a pretty nice...still a little far from Ric, but close to work. It's going to suck big time to drive really far either way since I'll be training during the winter! Jeez...what was I thinking!

So far, the cheapest one bedroom apartment I found was $395 per month & I've set my limit at $450. Some places have cable, internet & utiliies includeds so that isn't too bad. I just hope their in good neighboorhoods!

Thanks again everyone! I can't wait!
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this is great news Shell, Congrats! sounds like a good deal, good luck im excited for ya
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Shell , make sure pets are welcome there . Don't forget to ask .
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Hey Shell,

I've become a master at finding apartments that allow pets. (I've had to do it three times in the past 2 years in the bay area, and I had to find a place that would allow THREE cats)

Try looking at apartmentguide.com. Also if you want help looking I'll help ya search via the internet!!

Congratulations girl, you deserve this!!
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