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I've got good news Guys!

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I've got some good news & I've been saving it for a couple of days. I was hoping I could get all the details before I posted, but I just can't wait to tell you guys!

I'll be starting the program in Lincoln at the very beginning of October. I don't know anything more than the fact that I been accepted. I'm very proud of myself for this accomplishment. There were 45 people who applied to go. The District Manager narrowed it down to 18, and then cut it down again to only 7 who got interviews. After the interviews, he only picked 2 people. I was one of those 2!!! I'm excited...so very excited. But scared too! I'll have to move to a big city, find a place to live, get some furniture & start a new job all when in the same month! Talk about stress!

Just had to share my good news with you all! I'll keep you all updated on the details once I find them out!
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That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting! I knew you would get in!

Congratulations girl - I wish I was there to help you celebrate!
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I wish you were here too! I'm gonna have a helluva party! I haven't told any of my "real" friends yet...actually it hasn't even been posted at work yet! You guys are the first besides my folks to hear the good news!
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Congratulations, Shell!!!

We knew you could do it!
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Oh Major Congrats! Just remember don't tell one "friend" where you are going!

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Yep...I won't be telling him! I honestly think he'll leave me alone now that I've said my piece.

I need to walk in to the new job with a clear head & free of those distractions. I can't wait! It's gonna be tough...it's not an easy program, but I know I can do it! I love a challenge when it comes to work...I'm gonna win this one!
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Thanks everyone!
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Shell! That is fantastic! I just knew you would get it. Are they going to help you find a place to live and pay relocation costs?
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I haven't had a chance to talk to my DM about it yet. He's on vacation this week & he asked my store manager to tell me that I got it. He's going to call me next Monday & offer me the contract. That's when I'll ask him about relocation & etc. He did tell me in the interview that he knows of some good, but cheaper apartments that I might be able to rent. It would be nice if they'd help me out, but I can do it on my own too. Once I become an Assistant Manager, they help you relocate but I'm not sure about with the trainee's.

Thanks! I'm so happy and excited about this!
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That's fantastic news. So, I gather this move is Permanent. You won't be returning to your smaller town, then?
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Yay! Congrats Shell!
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
That's fantastic news. So, I gather this move is Permanent. You won't be returning to your smaller town, then?
Actually, it's not permanent. It's training at a SuperCenter for 5 months(sometimes less). After that, they send me off to another store to become an Assistant Manager. I won't know what store that will be until my 14th week into the program. It could be at the same store or it could be any where in Nebraska. I really have no say in where I go...which is fine with me because I don't have anything holding me down at this point. I'm not married or have kids, so it's just me & the cats! I would love to stay in the Lincoln area for a while, but I'm ok with moving some where else. One thing about going into this program, I will not ever work in my home store again. That's just a rule...but it makes sense. Everyone here has known me for 10 years & my associates would have a hard time respecting me as a Salaried Member of Management because they've always known me as one of them. It's hard now to get respect from them being a Support Manager.
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That is great news!!! Congratulations!!

Lincoln is a pretty fun town, and I'm sure you'll love it there.
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Shell that's awesome!!!! Congrats to you, it is totally deserved! I'm so happy that it worked out after all the hard work you've been doing.
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Hey, if you can go anywhere, why not try to come out to Los Angeles? You might like it here.
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That is great news! I'm so happy for you Shell!
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Well.. Congrats Shell! We all knew you could do it!
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Geeeee , I missed out here for a while .
My congrats to you Shell I am very happy for you .
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I knew it, I knew it !!!!!!Way to go shell!!!!!!!!!!!!you are to good not to get it!
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Congrats, Shell!
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Congrats! I know how tough it can be. One of our supports just left us friday to begin her training, she and I had become friends over the past 2 years, fortunately she gets to do her training at my sis's store and get to keep in touch. But it's gonna be an adventure girl, good luck, you deserve it!
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That's great news! I knew you could do it. Good luck in your new position.
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Congratulations! That is fantastic. Just take each challenge one day at a time and I am sure you will come through it with flying colors! Again, congrats!!
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I am very proud of you and very very happy for you!!!!

Way to GO girl!!!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!!!!!


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YAY!!!! Believe it or not, I was thinking about this very thing today! Congrats!
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Congratulations Shell. I bet those close to you aren't too surprised. You seem like a pretty sharp girl.
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Wooo-hoooo, Shell. On a practical note, save all of youir receipts, regarding the move - its tax-deductible.
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Way to go Shell!!!!! I knew you could make it!!!! Congrats!!! :flash:
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Thank you everyone! I'm pumped about it!
Today while I was in Lincoln I stopped by the store I'll be working at. It was a mad house...I was shocked. You would have thought it was Christmas season there or something! I talked to one of the assistant managers while I was there & asked about housing. She was so kind...she drew a map of the area close by the store & gave me ideas where some apartments are available. She even gave me her home phone number in case if I had questions. She said that she would help me find GOOD apartments...she said that the bad neighborhoods are pretty rough around there. I really felt welcomed by her...she really went out of her way!

Thanks again Guys! I'll keep you all posted on the news!
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Shell, congratulations! This is fantastic news!!!! Do you feel like you have become a whole new person in the last couple of days??? You have made such huge changes, this is just great. And scary too, I bet, but mostly great.
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