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Cats and dogs are not farmed for their fur

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Can anyone tell me if they know about this as I have just found out about it?
It is thought that tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of cat and dog skins are traded in Europe each year.

Here is a link to the story

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There was a big skantal about 15 years ago I think . They held foxes and other animals in little rabit cages , when they were big they kill all and use the furr for coats . Yes also cats and dogs too . It is against the law there , but people don't stop for nothing at all . I believe it , I am sure they are more people who are doing that .
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Why is this still been done when men has no need for fur any more? Or am I the only one to feel this way about this kind of thing, taking fur form animals is wrong, sometimes I just feel bewilder about mankind and all the things that we do for no reason.
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Well , there is always some one who like a fur coat thats why they still doing it . If nobody would buy a fur coat then they stop doing that . I remember having 2 rabit Jacket , not knowing at the time what is done with the animals . When I found out the Jackets were in the trash the same day . There are some people fighting it in Germany , some are very brutal at this . When they see some one with a coat or jacket they spritz them with color so you cant wear it any more . I think awareness is a better form to fight , then spritz color on people .
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I've seen "rheumatism blankets" made of cat skins for sale here in Germany. Whether they were made in China or in Europe, I can't say. I've also read reports of cat or dog pelts being used to trim the hoods and sleeves of coats and jackets, or to line boots and shoes. I really wish the EU would ban trading in any fur, but of course they won't, because their "prestigious fashion houses" would throw a fit. Furs were taboo for well over a decade, but unfortunately seem to be making a bit of a comeback.
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That's wright jcat , I forgot about the belts and blankets made of cat hair . Yes and a lot of people still buying them and they really don't help for athritis at all .
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Lets start again or let me put it this way to you all, I can understand a lot of these countries are third world and I do understand that different culture have different thoughts, beliefs and ideas. In Europe there are still, many of these countries that are poor and underdeveloped - some are almost third-world in many respects. And we no that Many people do not want synthetic materials and honestly, there are some natural materials that just cannot be accurately reproduced synthetically. And those high end synthetics cannot be afforded by all And many countries do not have the resources to get these materials to the seriously poor. You have to remember, as a whole, the majority of humans on this planet do not live in developed nations like the US, UK, etc. They rely on what they can raise or hunt for their needs.

Now, dogs and cats are truly viewed as livestock in many countries. Do I agree with it? NO, because I was raised in the UK. Do I understand it? YES because I understand different cultures and have had the chance to meet and speak with people from all over the globe. You see, here in the UK like the US, we eat meat, use the by products for clothing, fertilizers, etc. YES we all understand that not all humans want to be or can be vegetarians, not all animals can live on a vegetarian diet - cats for example are obligate carnivores. Therefore, there is a NEED for a meat industry and I have no Problem with that if the whole animal is put to use. Now, there are those that would see this use of cattle is barbaric because of their religious beliefs. I respect that. I no this Hindu couple who lived with us for three months or so, the husband was raised in the US from the age of six and would eat meat. The wife did not come to the country until she was in her 20's and is a solid vegetarian. She felt eating of any flesh was barbarism. We understood and respected her upbringing and beliefs. Though she never understood ours.
(Understanding that another gave its life for yours and respect it)

and I understand that in some countries, dogs are vermin. They spread disease, roam in feral and often dangerous packs and are feared. And in the US, they are pitied. In some countries, people have some dogs that are prized pets, yet others that are food/fur animals.

In order to understand (whether or not you approve - there is a difference between understanding/accepting and approving) why things are done, you really have to know the cultures, backgrounds, religions, economics, etc of a region. And for me we in UK, US, and Europe need to do more,
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My problem with the Chinses dog and cat fur industry is the horrid reports about how they keep the animals prior to killing them as well as the way they kill them.

Descriptions of dozens of kittens living crammed inside a cage, with no place to move around, hung in the air so that their feces would drop down through the cage. Living like this (obviously some die) until they're old enough to be pelted - that's horrid to me! I don't accept cultural differences as an excue either. I know that the same kind of bad treatmens is given in Western culture to farm animals (industrial farming) and I don't accept that as well.

I don't accept cultural differences as a reason for dogs and cats being skinned alive to keep the pelt unharmed - sorry but no. It may cost more to give them an electric shock or put them to sleep humanely, but I won't accept the cheap alternative being used in China. Or killing dogs by beating them to death as it makes the meat more tender. Some things are just unacceptable to me.
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I don't like any form of animal cruelty and I mean from
A - Z no matter what kind of animal it may is and no matter where or in what country it may is .
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