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Poor Cat

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It was the saddest thing yesterday. There is a beautiful 10 yr. old white cat that is the neighbor's of my parents. Well, my parents have a huge deck and the cat has taken a liking to it. When my cats stay over, the white cat comes to the glass door and lays down and rolls over. The white cat & My cats just sit there and blink back and forth. No hissing or territorial stuff. It was a very sweet cat(well they are all sweet). Well, yesterday we were over visiting and we found her dead under the deck. I won't give the details but I'm hoping she died of natural causes. The night before my mom and I heard the low growl and snort of a dog and something making a frightened squeal. I think the dog behind us had cornered a opossum or raccoon. But everyone else thinks it was the cat getting attacked and hiding under our deck to die. Scott, my fiance had to pull up a deck board to get her out. Her paw looked a little bloody but she did not look mauled. And I think she could've jumped the fence and gotten away from the dog. I just know that whatever I heard didn't sound like a cat but sounded like it was suffering. I just hope that white cat did not suffer.
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Sorry to hear that tragic story....I also hope that white cat did not suffer. It is hard when such a great animal is taken away......how are the neighbours doing?
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Poor little cat! I think you are right Chloe. If it was the cat that the dog cornered, it probably could have jumped away.
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Oh poor white kitty.... How sad!
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