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I really need some advice...

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I am currrently taking care of four foster kittens that we rescued from a storage unit place my inlaws manage. They are almost 6 weeks old and I'm now searching for good homes for these sweeties.

I work for a veterinary office and the wife of one of the vets called me about one of the kittens. She said her child's kindergarten's teacher was interested in one.

The woman called me and left a message saying that she was interested in a kitten for her kids. Her daughter wanted a gray female and that they had a cat for 14 years that recently "disappeared".

OK, I'm really alarmed at the disappeared part as well as the child wanting the cat. I worry that small children and cats/kittens don't mix (in my experience, at least) and that if her other cat disappeared, it means the one they want will be an outdoor cat. With all the work, time and money I've put into these babies, I don't want them put back outside.

What do I do? What do I tell the woman? I feel conflicted because she has ties to my employer.

The way I was going to find homes for them was to post a few pictures in our office and have people call me. This means I can't say "they already have homes".

The cat they are interested in is currently being treated for diareah, so I was thinking about saying she's sick.

What do you all think???
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Definitely ask for Vet references, that might help you and would certainly be a delaying tactic while you (hopefully) find more suitable homes for the kittens.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Definitely ask for Vet references
I fear that "her" vet is my employer...
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I learned a long time ago to trust your gut. I would just tell her no, nicely, but no.
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You are responsible for the kittens now, so it's your decision. I personally wouldn't let her have the kitten- Just let her down gently, umm they don't like kids?

Good Luck & Keep us posted.

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You need to make a agreement ( contract on a paper ) what your kittens home are suposed to be and no declawing and so on ... I also would ck out there place if you can .For any body who is interested in your kittens . But this is a lot to ask for I know .
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Save Samoa has an adoption agreement/contract on our site. Go to http://www.savesamoa.org/html/rescue.html and it is the top links. It is in MS Word and as a PDF. We (meaning Laurie) made it so if they agree to all of the stipulations, you can be pretty sure they will be decent owners. We do have clauses that the cat must be spayed/neutered, will be inside only, will never be declawed, and that if the cat ever needs to be rehomed the rescuer has right of first refusal.

Even if you say no to this lady, it's a good thing to have for the rest of your angel babies.
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I agree with hissy - go with your gut. And re: the Adoption Agreement, I HIGHLY recommend using one!!!!! We've had one bad experience, and we will never adopt without one. I'd rather care for the kittens and raise them to be "outside" ferals that I care for than adopt them into a "bad" home. But I live in a rural area. I don't know how living in a city or urban area would affect my opinion on this.

The adoption agreement as is is pretty stringent. Someone has to be REALLY into having that kitten in order to sign it. Some people may not want something that strict - that's why we posted it in Word so that you can download it and make any changes you need or want to.

Good luck, and keep us posted! I think you're wonderful for being such an angel.

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