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good news

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For just about a year now whenever I went outside to feed the cats who visit in my yard, I would see a flash of Siamese color. His name became Frankie. He would race across the yard, so fast that at first I wasn't even sure I had seen it. Eventually, over many months he would stay in the yard and watch what I was doing. Then he moved to within a few feet and looked at me while I talked with the other cats as they ate. As soon as I would go back in the house he would start to eat. Yesterday I was able to pet him while he was eating. This morning as I petted another kitty he head butted my hand and wanted attention for himself. He is a beautiful cat and now seems very friendly. I will try to take him in somewhere but where I live there is nothing available. Just thought I would share this. And oh yeah, I do wash my hands with disinfectant soap when I am finished with these cats.
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Oh "Gert" that's wonderful news!

Keep us updated on Frankie-

Good Luck! Sam
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How wonderfull Maybe you can get him neuter and his shots ?
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"Gert," that's wonderful! It does take patience, but it is so rewarding, isn't it?

If you need to look for low-cost spay/neuter resources, just click on the link in my signature line and you might be able to find something near you.

It's healthier for him, his behavior will improve - and best of all, it'll prevent him from fathering any kittens that would then be homeless.

If you think you'll do this, there are trapping tips here: Helping Ferals
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