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Spreading shelter illness?

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Hi everyone!

I work at a local shelter one day a week for about 7 hours. Upper respiratory infections are constantly running through the shelter. Does anyone know if it is possible to bring an illness home to my cats after working at the shelter? They didn't mention anything about it to me when I started, but I'm a bit concerned. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Hi Jen!

First of all, make sure your cats are up to date on their vaccinations.

Secondly, wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the shelter at the end of the day. As soon as you get home, strip and put the clothing you were wearing to work in the wash, then shower and get changed.

You and your kitties should be safe then.

My BF worked at a shelter for a while and we both volunteer there to run their Petfinder page. The measures I've listed are what we observe to keep our cats healthy. Best of luck, and bless you for helping kitties in need!!!
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I too volenteer at my local shelter & truth be told you will find there is always some sort of cold going around. With the number of cats that come in & out of a shelter it's bound to happen. I've been a volenteer since last February & When I come home I don't touch my cat I just go straight to the laundry hamper (I live in a apartment so it's not always possible for me to get a washer right away) put my cloths in the hamper & get in the shower. I have had no problem with my cat & she is a 17 year old cat with CRF & all the complications including border line anemia that go along with CRF. Another thing that we at the shelter do in an attempt to reduce the spread of upper resperatory is that we wash are hands often & there is always a bunch of hand sanitizer around. If you have been petting or holding a sick cat best bet is to wash your hands, but if not possible to do immediatly the hand sanitizer will help.
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